It's a vibe. And the back-and-forth of her and Nicola on the chorus give it a GA vibe so the stans will live.
I'm happy for her. It's got a bhangra vibe, the remixes will slay.
Just got chance to listen.
I’m pleasantly surprised!! It’s cool, she sounds good (Oh no I won’t apologise - is out of her range and you can tell).
Ok this was such a weird and disappointing first listen like... 4 years for this? sis what? I got Shania pop demo teas.

I've been listening non stop for the past hour and its grown on me. Its cute and catchy. Everyone hated CSL and even CMN had lots of what is this? when it first came out. The song is very flawed tho. It needed bigger production that's what lets it down. I think remixes will make this better. But its not completely tragic, its really a grower. The melody and chorus are now stuck in my head.

I hope the video is good. It seems like it'll be very basic but basic doesn't mean bad I hope she serves and elevates the song a bit.
It wasn't the dance banger out of the gate I wanted from her, but the minimal, almost Ed Sheeran type of acoustic production gives it a fun, funky vibe that people will gravitate to. Club mixes will eat it up. The lyrics appeal to anybody who has problems in relationships.
It's nicer than I though (reading your comments), still a little bit weak for a "first single" material. You can tell that she hasn't a major label to back her up this time.

She has done way better than this.
This is... something else. It may be a grower but honestly it's not doing much on the first listen. Crazy Stupid Love is miles better.

It's nice to hear Nicola there, any word on her next album?
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I would put this above CSL -- it isn't as grating on the ears. Plus the Nicola feature is miles better than Tinie.
I would be worried, this is the first single to try and break her into the streaming era and I don't know if it's gonna scratch the surface. It's not her strongest lead. It's cute but I feel like she needed something bigger to come back with.
Okay so this is not at all what I expected and I was very unsure to start with but I do like it actually. It's very minimalist and I am not sure how this will perform at all, gut says it's a major under-performaner unfortunately, really hope I am wrong.
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