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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Up Down Suite, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Don't know if it's time to make a new thread for new music but apparently she's in the studio, so there you go.

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  2. She went from million seller with her debut to just silver certified with album four.

    How will this album perform?
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  3. She needs a banger extravaganza to be taken serious again in pop music. Something Like Sexy Den A Mutha meets Call My Name.
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  4. I can't believe she's on her 5th album.
  5. Her last to albums were great, in my opinion. They're not Girls Aloud-level brilliant pop, but they're still amazing to me. I'd definitely love another album, even though many people on here don't. It's such a shame her first two albums found all the success and attention.
  6. Three words

    X Factor peak.
  7. She will probably have another top3 single with this and a good album placing but considering her personal issues and lack of public demand for her brand, I think it'd be better if she took some time out with this one.
  8. I have no doubt she will manage at least one or two top 10 singles with this era, but unless she gets a good promo schedule, a tour and a really well done album, I think she will replicate the Only Human chart fail. Also she should avoid Q4 at all costs, she'd be butchered there.
  9. And she hasn't even managed to record an albums worth of decent material!
  10. A Million Lights tho.
  11. Had three good songs and lots of over produced demos.
  12. Was she held at gunpoint? She looks she like couldn't be any less thrilled about it all.
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  13. RJF


  14. She just needs a couple of solid hit singles on the album. It seems they go all out to find a good lead single but never think about the follow ups.
  15. I agree with this girl in regards to A Million Lights

  16. She will never top Call My Name... That remains incredible

    Only Human was awful though, could go either way I guess.

    She should make a greatest hits with this album, allow me to enjoy Parachute, Sexy Dan A Mother, Under The Sun, Call My Name, Ghetto Baby, Promise This and well that's not enough for a GH is it
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  17. That girl refers to her first two albums as 'fantastic'. Yikes.
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  18. A Million Lights is her only album worth listening to and that sounds like any effort went into making it, so it is pretty sad it flopped while absolute garbage like her first two albums sold millions. I've always thought though that her diminishing returns though is less to do with the X Factor being a dying giant and more to do with the fact that people bought her first two albums, thought they were trash, and decided not to waste their money on anything other than her singles.
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  19. That's when she sells most records... When she's going through a difficult time.

    It's all about perception.

    EP or "mini-album" for her greatest hits would not look good. I guess she could include some Girls aloud!
  20. First of all I haven't bought the album.

    Girl in The Mirror, the song itself is not good, I dont like the melody or the rhythm of it.

    This song A Million Lights is not good in the slightest

    Spending a minute trying to decipher (!) the obvious title/meaning of Sexy Den a Mutha.

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