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Cherylyn Barnes

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Bonkers, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Anyone else follow this aussie drag queen comedian? There has to be fans on here. I've recently started following her on instagram, watched some of her youtube videos and started listening to her podcast (which is hilarious). She's not for everyone as can imagine her coming across as too vulgar for some.

    The humour is very Kath and Kim and trashy as hell. There's only 2 episodes of her podcast up at the moment, and you'd never know if she's going to do more.

    If anyone has any particular favourite of her youtube videos/rants throw them here. There's a load there and some are a bit hit and miss. Her red carpet review of the Grammys 2 years ago is my current fave. The roasting she gives Rita Ora at 11:50 mark....
  2. Chez is an Aussie icon at this point tbh. I love that I can claim her since she's getting international attention. Just kidding, maybe.

  3. Still my favourite Cherylyn video.
  4. I wish the mashup she did with Pussi Kiss and Perfect Illusion was still up on Soundcloud. It legit slapped.
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