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Chet Faker - Built On Glass (debut album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 27, 2014.

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    Chet Faker is bearded Aussie Nicholas James Murphy who is releasing his debut album 'Built On Glass' on 14th April (in the UK) following on from the 'Thinking In Textures' EP/mini album, collaborative 'Lockjaw' EP with producer Flume and an appearance on Say Lou Lou's 'Fool Of Me' amongst others.

    Album cover:

    1. Release Your Problems
    2. Talk Is Cheap
    3. No Advice (Airport Version)
    4. Melt (feat. Kilo Kish)
    5. Gold
    6. To Me
    7. /
    8. Blush
    9. 1998
    10. Cigarettes & Loneliness
    11. Lesson In Patience
    12. Dead Body

    Video for 'Talk Is Cheap':

    Is anybody else anticipating this as much as me?
  2. A&E


    I love "Melt"! "Talk Is Cheap" is alright and his EP with Flume was pretty good too. I'm not that obsessed with his music but I feel he might surprise me with this album.
  3. I love the Thinking In Textures EP and cannot wait for the album. Hoping to see him in Leeds in April too.
  4. He is amazing. Thinking In Textures was one of my favourite releases in 2012 and I can't wait for this!
  5. I can't wait for this. He's incredible.
  6. I've been meaning to check this guy out for a while, since i thought the EP he did with Flume was ridiculously solid. Having listened to Talk Is Cheap just now, yeah, this guy is awesome. I'm going to go find his other EP's now while I wait for the album
  7. 360


    The album leaked. Just spotted it at one of the "usual places". Might wait for some impressions before I give it a shot.
  8. [video=youtube;EIQQnoeepgU][/video]

  9. This has quickly risen to become one of my favourite albums
  10. Edu


    I was ready to say that I like his beard more than his music, but then I heard 1998. Wow.
  11. I know we all hate a name change, but he's now going by his real name, Nick Murphy, and his new website lets you hear a new song called 'Fear Less'
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    1998 is still that bop.
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  13. The new track is so boring. His work with Marcus Marr remains my favourite thing Chet Faker's done.
  14. Yikes that song is shit!
  15. He is back. As Chet Faker again, this time around.

  16. I like it! What a waste of 4 years that ‘Nick Murphy’ phase was.
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  17. I had no idea that there was a Chet Faker / Nick Murphy thread here.

    Although it didn't hit the same way the Chet Faker material did, he released some strong material as Nick Murphy.

    I do like "Low" though and I'm glad that he revived the Chet Faker project.
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