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"Chi with a C" Youtube channel

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by The Rural Juror, May 9, 2019.

  1. Has anyone else come across this youtube channel? It was introduced to me via @crash9081 and whilst the production values are definitely an area of improvement (odd green screen effects), you definitely have to admire her creativity and determination in some of these videos.

    Some of my favourite/noteworthy videos

    X Factor Audtions

    The time she facetimed BBC News accidentally

    The time she replaced all her family photos with the GC

    I particularly like the effort that she went to for this ordeal with commentary, to her Mum being annoyed (anticlimactically) and then rectifying the issue herself immediately (rather than her daughter). Plus the unintentional shade in the "I am two" photo frame for Ms Collins

    Her millennial baby name suggestions

  2. I love her re-enactments of Rachel & Ariel's X Factor auditions. I wish she'd done the expletive-ridden Rachel outbursts at the end, though... though there are a couple of other great parodies of her audition on YouTube that include that ddd.

    There's also this Chi With A C one you missed:

    @The Rural Juror
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  3. Yes look in the YouTuber thread where I posted about her. I am so happy more have discovered her. She is legendary.

    I am obsessed with her. Her impression of the twins in Love Island is one I quote all the time now "can we go for a chat?" "But we are having a chat".


    Edit: I also love how she leaves subtly does justice for the crazy idol and x factor contestants.
  4. I did not expect that ending!

    This is a channel I'll happily subscribe to - I've only really been familiar with her "one piss is all it takes" video, however I can see that she's created lots of hilarious content.
  5. Her Mary Roach impression is hysterical.
  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The American Horror Story one is hilarious. The Name Game!
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