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Chiara Hunter - Strange Relationships

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Not the Prince song nor the Darren Hayes song (both were called Strange Relationship not ships to be fair). However the influence of the former is apparent on this funked up bit of synth pop. New name on me but feeling the Nikka Costa vibe on this too.
  2. Come on folks this is a goody.
  3. This ain't a goody, it's a greaty!
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  4. Finally an EP on iTunes! 'Strange Relationships' and 'War' both included along with new track 'Hammer'.
  5. I hope opening for Jess Glynne will open her some doors! Hammer is great! I feel her vibe!
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  6. This 3 track EP is perfection. Wendy and Lisa, Nikka Costa and St Vincent rolled into one.
  7. New tune with Chloe Martini.
  8. No idea how I found out about her, but I'm obsessed with Hammer. It looks like she hasn't done anything in the last two years though?
  9. She has been doing some songwriting: she has got some credits with Galantis (Rich Boy), Sigma & Take That (Cry), Boyzone (Talk About Love) and Cheryl (Let You)
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  10. Oh right I must have seen her name mentioned on Cheryl's thread then.

    edit: She was part of the writing/recording camp for Ella Eyre's upcoming album.
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