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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Chinah are a Danish trio made up of Fine Glindvad, Simon Kjær and Simon Andersson. They're signed to Copenhagen label No. 3 (Kill J, FAE) and they're dropping their debut EP Once the Lights Are On today i.e. 11 February. They've released four singles in advance which I've linked below.
    1. We Go Back
    2. Colder
    3. Away from Me
    4. Never the Same
    5. Minds
    6. If You Can Feel This

    Fine also provided vocals for the track Fill Me on Tomas Barfod's EP Glory from last year.
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  4. Still v good!

  5. CHINAH but make it darker. I smell a stan card lamination in the near future.
  6. Just came here to say that Yeah Right is brilliant
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  7. Hints was amazing from start to finish and Yeah Right was saved on my Spotify a while ago.

    If I Stay is still my fav, the vibe and production are so lush and melodic.
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  8. Their full length LP debut is out tonight!

    "Give Me Life", phew. They fully snapped.
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  9. They sound very Oklou. Anyway, their new album Feels Live Forever comes out March 19. Tracklist:

    1. Eternal Blue
    2. Seconds of Heaven
    3. Promise
    4. Tailor
    5. What I've Become
    6. Feels Like Forever
    7. Mysterious
    8. Ideal
    9. Someday
    10. Shine
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  11. My potential album of the year, been looking forward to this one.
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  12. Love the album, a bit tighter and more vibrant than Anyone, I think, the only slight niggles I have is that A) they tend to default to a certain pace and gait that gets a bit repetitive in the latter third (i.e. Mysterious and out), but more importantly B) why is the title track so goddamn short it fucking bumps.

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  13. FINALLY someone else appreciates them. Did you peep the Aaliyah baby squeak sample in “Seconds of Heaven”?
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