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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by angelX, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Elva is really sick with bronchial inflammation at the moment! She's been overworking way too much behind the scenes to master this new album and it's taken its toll on her.
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  2. The important question is : when is Hebe coming back with another masterpiece?
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  3. Bop.

    It's not the official music video. The song has been on my playlist for almost a year.

  4. It's super cheesy but I guess it's for a soundtrack so i'll allow it
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  5. Double post but, does anyone like/know My Skin Against Your Skin? They're an awesome indie rock-electro duo and I get Gossip x Yeah Yeah Yeah vibes and i'm into it. Their newest album Question Mark 問號 is on Spotify to stream

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  6. Triple post and not even bothered because Regine 利菁 is the 55 year old transgender savior of banger pop that we don't deserve, but need

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  7. Produce 101 China Theme song:

    Plus the girls' reactions to the YueHua trainees + WJSN's MeiQi and Xuayi:

    Two members of Popu Lady are also competing. The first episode should be online with English subs on Wednesday.
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  8. She's kind of just throwing these out there, but they're fun (though generic) bops.

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  9. Tia Ray's new single / album is so good

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  10. any sammi or joey fans here!!
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  11. omg sally
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  12. This is a revelation. C-Pop is probably my least explored music scene out of East/SE Asia so I need to start keeping more of a tab on this thread because basically everything posted on this page alone has been great.
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  13. Joey Yung? I was OBSESSED with her in middle/high school. Haven't paid much attention to her music since In Motion though. Are her latest releases worth checking out?
  14. oh my god you know her?? a sla y hun um her side track show release "My Secret Live" has some really nice arrangements of her older side tracks.

    ugh oh my god what songs are your favs?
  15. Well my two favorite albums are Something About You and Ten Most Wanted, my favorite songs from her other albums are What's Up, Dizzy, Honey, My Pride (obviously...), Thinking Too Much and On The Treadmill. I like a lot of her ballads but I find them a bit samey teebs so I can't really say which ones I prefer.
  16. Ayyy! This makes me sooo happy. There's so much variety in Chinese pop, so you definitely won't be disappointed. I'd definitely check out By2 if by any chance you're interested in the extra-sugary pop side of things

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  17. ugh whats up and honey ughhh yasss bops

    do you like "Snake" ?

    i don't really know the english translation but i'm sure i love all those songs you mentioneddd
  18. Janet 陳欣斈 just released a pretty killer EP, I definitely recommend throwing the girl a few streams

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  19. Just finished listening to the EP because of your post and...
    I'm scalped't. Never Mine and Fireflies are so good.
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  20. scream

    The Starr Chen remix of Who You Are got me like

    (and even the original is a great ballad)
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