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Chloe Bailey - “Have Mercy” + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superultra, Sep 2, 2021.

  1. BOOTY SO BIGGGG lawddd have Mercy

    That’s literally going to be in my head all damn day . A bop a serve all round !
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  2. Okay the Bree cameo made me smile big! She even got Ms Tina on the set, alright! This is great.
  3. Damn, what a debut. The video concept is perfect. Please let it smash!
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  4. She is serving modern Medusa leading a murderous cult sorority - STONE ME QUEEN

    Anyway this is a serve; she has charisma and star power in spades.
    The song itself is very "viral focused", but it's very well produced and her silky adlib melodies are beautiful.
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  5. Bey's legendary status and impact intact.

    Chlöe, studious, effortless–slaying the influence of her forebearers.

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  6. This is perfect. I am loving the deranged baddie energy she's serving.
  7. This is phenomenal.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Her voice is so spectacular, the way she makes it so effortless - a star A STAR!!!
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  9. Salivating at the thought of a Chlöe feat. Bree moment after seeing her pop up in the video.
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  10. The main hook stucks like glue into your brain, she is a force. And this still feels like the tip of the massive potential she has.
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  11. I'm at work so I can't watch the video yet but I can't get this song or thickness out of my mind!!

    It better smash.
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  12. Why I keep bossing like I do
    Why I keep flossing like I do
    Why I keep saucing like I do
    Why it keep costing like it do

  13. This feels like a moment.
  14. My jaw dropped when Ms Tina popped up. I love this!
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  15. She radiates star power throughout the whole video. Can’t wait for the VMAs performance!
  16. She really LICKED that statue
  17. She really gave us no mercy…

    A SERVE, what a star!
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  18. That poor dancer who had to do that whole scene upside down on her hands while Chloe tweaked for a whole verse dddd.

    The song is an 8 but the video really elevates it. Her star power is fucking insane. The choreo. Miss Tina Knowles. The jockstrap boy getting his ass paddled. The looks. Miss Chloe slapping her pussy. The whole thing was a wild riot. Chloe is kind of the definition of chaotic good. I’m so proud of her evolution and she and Halle are truly going to take over the world.
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  19. Watching the video later but this song is insane.
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  20. Now this is a debut. Immediate and impeccably done.
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