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Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. A tad disappointed it's not predicted to go top 10 but a top 20 album for relatively new artists and not much promo opportunities at the moment is nothing to frown about . Especially as there debut 1st album I don't think even ended going top 40. Hopefully a single takes off chart wise which will make the album rise in the future as this album is just way to good to not get it's rightful shine !
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  2. All the quarantine promo performances I've seen for The Today Show have been better than when artists actually visit the show.
  3. This album should be fighting for number one but I hope they at least manage Top 20 in the end.
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  5. I had a few drinks and completely sunk into my bed to this album. This is rich. Decadent.
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  6. The way Tipsy is 2:33 of them threatening to kill men

    Every song on this album
  7. I think as they’re still fairly new people are going to take time to find their music. But when Halle does Little Mermaid (and slays it) I cannot wait for the uptick in interest they’re going to get. I’m so excited, it’s like they’re just on the cusp of really blowing up.
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  8. I think it's also their younger fanbase is people who don't even care about albums.

    Add to this no bundles or physicals plus a release during the weirdest times...
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  9. This has turned into my morning album before work. Their harmonies and ad libs are so good.
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  10. The album is FANTASTIC.
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  11. SMG


    This is incredible.
  12. -M-


    A collaboration that absolutely needs to happen.
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  13. Obsessed with this album. ‘Don’t Make It Harder On Me’ is my current fave along with ‘Ungodly Hour’ herself.
  14. Both Tinashe and JoJo have been vocal about stanning this album (R&B legends having taste, we love to see it!) and in an ideal world I would love all four of them to unite and give us a Lady Marmalade type jam. Ugh, the vocal gymnastics of it all!!!
  15. I really think this is a long-tail album rather than something that was ever going to immediately smash – those numbers are decent for an act that size with barely any promo, but I'm positive this is going to do really well over the course of this year on word of mouth alone.

    I fully expect to see it in lots of end of year lists.
  16. This is a truly beautiful album and insanely replayable. I love how they can transport us with familiar soundscapes without sounding too referential or derivative. The production is intricate but not overbearing - it glints with airiness.
  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Y'all have to remember that their first album debuted at #139.

    Obviously Top 10 would be ideal, but #15 (or basically any placement in the Top 40) is an incredible showing and a huge improvement for them.
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