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Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Apparently Chloe let slip accidentally on live that they’ve filmed a video for Ungodly Hour the song !
  2. And that they’re performing more than one song (most likely a medley) at the BET Awards.
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  3. The harmonies on this record are brilliant. Glad to see they have a video lined up for Ungodly Hour.
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  4. Intro segueing into Forgive Me

  5. Finally got around to giving this a stream & I’m a bit blown away.
  6. This is definitely competing with Future Nostalgia as my favorite album of the year so far. Tipsy & Ungodly Hour are the ones.
  7. Why am I just hearing about them?! Flop music fan.

    Forgive Me, Do It, Tipsy, Ungodly Hour, Busy Boy, and Lonely are highlights. So... basically the entire damn album ddd.
  8. Officially debuted at #16 on this week’s Billboard 200.

  9. For a relatively new act that didn’t have any hype or promo before they released , didn’t have a smash hit to sell the album ,and there debut didn’t even reach top 100 a top 20 album is very good for them !

    I see it eventually reaching top 10 in the future if a song takes off from the album .
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  10. I ask myself why Pitchfork didn't reviewed this. It's pretty weird and disgusting.
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  11. I'm still massively gagged by that artwork. I physically need this on a vinyl.
  12. Do It becomes their first ever Hot 100 entry this week:

  13. And that's on what? Talent and hard work.
  14. I am fully obsessed with this now. Lonely is the one. I Wonder What She Thinks Of Me is also pretty great, and is basically a Lana Del Rey song. There are no skips on here!
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  15. Really loving this more and more. So good.
  16. Fiona has been my #1 so far this year, but, this is eating away at her reign. WOW. This is fantastic!
  17. I'm surprised I'm not seeing so much love for Forgive Me. I guess it's not as quirky as most of the album, but that throbbing beat is just so hypnotic.
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