Chlöe Bailey - "Boy Bye" + Trouble in Paradise (TBD)


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After the invisible energy on January 27th?

I'd rather wait for Normani and Chloe any day. Sparse as they may be... their music hits.
I like this but it does sound like it could have been released by a number of other artists and I hate that she completely ditched the sound of the four previous singles. I do wonder if this change in direction was her choice or the label's. Either way I guess the people who were always bashing her on Twitter got what they wanted.
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This is her best song, but girly needs to get the clean version up on streaming ASAP.

I feel like the window for Chloe getting "hits" has passed, for now. This release paired with finally getting the album date signals her team is aware of that.

And thank goodness for that. I do believe Chloe will find success, but it's unlikely to be of the breakdown hit kind. Focusing on getting a (cohesive) body of work out is the right choice.

For The Night could've been a cute summer hit for her though.
I have LOVED every single she's released up until 'Pray It Away'. What a boring, bland, basic song. The music video was even worse. When I learned that none of the previous songs will be on the album makes me think the album is much more like the recently recorded songs vs her original vision. Fingers crossed she gets a new label for a second album.


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March 2023 but not an exact date is sending me. Columbia keeping us and her on the hook till the very end I see.
2 weeks till March and still no date

If she’s only turning the album in now, does that mean there’ll be no physical copies of it? Something about there being really long waitlists?