Chlöe Bailey - "Boy Bye" + Trouble in Paradise (TBD)

It's giving

Nn the way she's entered that phase Tinashe was stuck in for years where she was the mocked / made of fun of endlessly on Twitter
I was so excited for her album till For The Night. Sure, the commercial success was limited, but it was a solid run of 4 bops. Pray It Away and the previous singles being scrapped killed half of my hype, but this is an absolute atrocity. Also, am I the only one who thinks this picture reminds me of one of those pregnancy shoots.
These flop rnb girls make it so easy to give up and move on once they get that abuser in their circle. Normani first, now Chloe, talent can’t compensate for class ladies!
I don't really keep up with Chloe x Halle's solo efforts, so imagine my chagrin opening this thread for the first time, expecting, like, album news, and being greeted with...Chris Brown.

When will the industry get it together and stop protecting him?? I swear to god if it takes as long as it did for R*bert K*lly...