Chlöe Bailey - "Boy Bye" + Trouble in Paradise (TBD)

That artwork does absolutely nothing for me. I personally feel zero hype over this as I’m so ticked off about the Chris Brown collab. I read the message she posted about the album and I’ll I could muster was “kay”.

Sonically this is the most exciting thing I have heard thus far!
It feels rooted in the CxH sound with some of the dramatics and genre bending that occur.
A Chloe solo project wasn't something I was asking for, but my initial hope was to hear sounds that followed through on all the influences she mentioned and that would hone in on some of her idiosyncrasies.

I think the biggest tension of her solo project has been that the sum of it's parts never gelled into something greater. She would post phenomenal covers showing her vocal prowess, but then the solo releases wouldn't capitalize off of that. She would reference Missy Elliott, the TuneYards, the Neptunes, Kelis, Grimes, Imogen Heap, etc and you could hear that creative pulse in CxH but not in the solo music.

At the end of the day, all the pieces are there--The vocals, the songwriting, the production skills, the performance!
But I think there was a choice to make her more in conversation with the more popular ~bad bitch energy~ girls, which I think is less naturally aligned with the preexisting fanbase.