Chlöe Bailey - "Boy Bye" + Trouble in Paradise (TBD)

"Strawberry Lemonade" sounds like "Say So" and "Lottery" by Latto. Well.

On the bright side, the other snippets actually sound promising and a little more assured. I hope the album's good.
I’m so pressed that Boy Bye isn’t blowing up. It’s such a sublimely crafted pop song.
They really should have tried promoting it? It sounds like a summer smash…what are Parkwood doing…

Anyway, those snippets sound promising. I think I’m back on board.
I like the snippets way more than Boy Bye, so my interested has definitely been restored. Bring it on, Bailey!
Just catching up on Boy Bye, what a lovely little bop! Hope the next album comes out soon, I had a few gems on the last album, I expect the same on the next.