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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Resi12, Aug 3, 2011.

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    From L to R: Jae-Yoon, Min Soa, Tia, Melanie and Juliane

    A.K.A. The first bi-racial group (according to allkpop). Even though the patterns and styling reminds me of 2NE1 slightly, I dunno.. they have really caught my eye thus this topic. Here's a teaser from their first MV Syndrome.

    You can really tell they're bi-racial from that clip. The aegyo at the end is a bit awkward but the song sounds like it could be good so I'll hold the judgement off until then.
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    Re: Choclat

  3. Re: Choclat

    I'm intrigued, I'll be interested to see what happens with them.
  4. Re: Choclat

    It's so weird that ethnic makeup is a "thing."

    PS, the thread name is misspelled...
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    Wait, you make a Chocolat thread, haha this is a joke. I'm just gonna spam previous posts in this thread. Atleast put the profiles and picture up, thanks.
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    Chocolot are a fresh approach to kpop, I'm curious to hear the full debut single. "Syndrome" sounds like a interesting title for a song, How they will combine emotions and behaviour in an electro dance club track has to be fun. Juliane has that unique look, Tia, Sao and Jae Yoon all have similar skin and different hair styles. Melanie has the I am the boss look, I wonder who the leader is. I'm Goin to wait a couple weeks to know there personalities.

    The leader is Min Sao, the really cute blonde. Spam completed.
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    Stunning half Asians like me, will probably already be my biased. Apart from RaNia this girls will be my favourite rookies.
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    Only in Korea/Japan could a groups gimmick be that they were 'bi-racial' Haha, how strange.
  9. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Ahhh, I knew it looked weird but left it off. Thanks for pointing it out though *banned smiley*. I cannot believe Tia and Melanie are 14 (born in 1997). I feel ancient.

    It's not even the bi-racial thing that has me all interested, their look is nice for a rookie group. They debut live on M! Countdown on the 18th!
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    Take a look at this then:
  11. A comment on youtube:

  12. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    What a stupid comment. It's not as if those three aren't Asian.
  13. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    I saw the self-introduction video posted on a Korean site and everyone was pissed that it's all in English.
  14. I didn't even watch til the end... And I actually like the song.
  15. Glad to hear that. There is something special in this extremely young girl band, just a little hype building won't do any harm.
  16. Resi12

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    Re: Choclat

    Ha ha, so off topic but it's still amazing. Her Miley impersonation is just as good.

    Watch what, the teaser? Sorry this has me confused, the full song isn't out yet is it?
  17. I dislike K-Pop to a rather large extent but I am happy that I've seen this thread as it's made me realise how much I like the film 'Chocolat' with Juliette Binoche so I've just ordered it from Amazon. That is all...
  18. Pen Expers

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    Thanks for your contribution, now sod off.
  19. Oh no. My previous post here...was totally about Mr.Simple. Mixed up my tabs and haven't noticed until now. My face is red. Guess I'll leave it like this now...

    I was going to post about the Chocolat teaser as well, butmy feelings are too mixed on this. I like the teaser, still I don't get this bi-racial concept.
  20. Hitori

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    The girls are really pretty. Seriously.

    There are a lot of bi-racial stars all across Asian countries. Perhaps it's such a big deal in Korea? From what I know, it's generally frowned upon if a Korean marries a person who's not Korean. Please correct me on this if I am wrong.

    In other Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines, it's okay. Hence a considerable amount of celebrities are even bi-racial.
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