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Chris Brown - Heartbreak On A Full Moon (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bb0990, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Edit: Rather than open a new thread for every release he does, will just keep posting in here as i know he isn't the most popular artist in the world but some of us like his music regardless of his personal life.



    I don't know how many on here who likes CB, but thought i'd open this for his new album (due out later this year) as he is leaking new songs every week on Instagram and Club appearances.

    Anyway, his latest single Liquor - which hearing other songs like Paradise and Zero, I have NO idea why he picked Liquor for his first release!
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  2. how does this man still have a career?
  3. I like Liquor. All I wanna do is drink
  4. He needs to stop singing with his fake teenage voice, you ain't foolin anyone.
  5. I'm hear for him serving another few bops like Loyal and X.
  6. X was a pretty amazing album to be fair.

    I just want him to have a properly huge worldwide smash. It seems he is absolutely EVERYWHERE (Five More Hours, the collab album with Tyga, the Pitbull collab, Liquor, Do It Again, Post To Be) yet he's really lacking in that big multi-platinum #1 single.
  7. BML


    I've turned into a full blown Chris Brown stan in the last year or so. I bought X after sampling a few tracks and fell in love with it completely. It honestly plays like a greatest hits of the second half of his career. Fan of a Fan 2 had a handful of bops as well. 'Ghetto Tales' and 'Liquor' have been my jams lately. I haven't listened to any of the other new tracks though. I'll probably wait for the album.

    It's amazing how he's managed to claw his way back and done so by simply working hard. He's seriously been everywhere recently and writing for everyone. It's a shame he's never been allowed to move on from something he did as a teenager.
  8. He's troublingly good and I try to resist but he never fails to make me bopp.
    5AM and Fun are currently giving me so much life.
  9. Blood On My Hands sounds really good despite being in LQ.
  10. RJF


    Chris Brown releasing a song called "Blood On My Hands" is a thing that's actually happening?
  11. BML


    You should check out 'Drown In It' featuring R. Kelly.
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  12. I had to check if this was real. Wow.
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  13. What's next? 'Pudding' feat. Bill Cosby...?
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  14. KAG


    'Loyal' is obviously great, however I think 'Autumn Leaves' is the true gem on that album. It's such a sad, sombre song and Chris and Kendrick's voices work surprisingly well together.
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  15. Yes!!! Got my wish, Zero is going to be his next single - should of been the first though.

    Capital has confirmed it's being released!
  16. I love Chris Brown he's last three albums have been epic!! However he does seem to be churning them out Rihanna style lately.
  17. That's the same with me. There's just so many songs he's done that I can't honestly keep up or know which songs belong to which "era". I have most of his albums besides his debut and Fortune but he has so many collaborations and random single releases that my iTunes is just swarmed with his name. Even in the last few months he's been in the charts with Five More Hours, Post To Be, Do It Again, Ayo, Bitches & Marijuana, Fun, Body On Me, Hotel....I mean, it's crazy.

    He's everywhere.
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  18. Paradise is quite good (both of them).
    Actually, that one on YouTube sounds incredible.
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