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Chris Brown - Heartbreak On A Full Moon (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bb0990, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Just off the preview, Blood On My Hands could've been a lead single...
  2. BML


    Plus the countless collaborations! That would probably bring it close to 100. That is just insane. I love it.
  3. Between this, Justin and Kid Ink, I'm having trouble picking an album to listen to.
  4. It's a pretty good album, a couple of stone cold jams. Still hammering 'Liquor' and 'Wrist' like there's no tomorrow. The whole thing is about on par with Purpose for me.

    Bryson Tiller's album is better though, and Jeremih wipes the floor with the lot of them.
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  5. BML


    I hadn't checked my mail in like a week until yesterday and I'd completely forgotten that I ordered the 20-track deluxe of this from f.y.e. for only $7.99 the week it came out. 'The 80s' is so good! It's very 'Lean On' but much more subdued. Also, I'm not sure why Future is listed as a feature on 'Blue Jeans' because I definitely didn't hear him on it.
  6. Chris has been previewing new songs he's been recording these past few weeks on Perisope... the man is a machine - some of the songs are good and i feel maybe better than some of the songs on Royalty. I have a feeling we'll get another mixtape at some point with the amount of music he is making and self leaking.

  7. His latest mixtape 'before the trap' is great. He is a musical machine, so much music he's putting out of late.
  8. I'm surprised reading the posts here praising this album. For me, his past albums have mostly been brilliant (X was utterly fantastic, Graffiti/F.A.M.E were packed with huge songs but had some filler and Exclusive was a decent r'nb album) but this is boring me to tears. I love this guys music and aside from the albums I've got most of his collabs and random other singles he's thrown out over the years. He's normally on fire but this album is honestly a snooze. Anyway is alright but one of the cheapest sounding dance songs he's ever done, Picture Me Rollin' is catchy as fuck and Fine By Me is an obvious highlight (although out of place) and I guess Back To Sleep is strong enough but genuinely I can barely remember how the other tracks go and that's after multiple listens.

    How was 'Liquor' ever a single? It's so freakin' slow and depressing. 'Zero' isn't bad but again, not single material.

    The last album had Don't Be Gone Too Long, Time For Love, See You Around, X, Loyal, New Flame and he's went from that to this. Shame.
  9. His last 2 mixtapes I've found better than the royalty album. Some tracks should have made it to the album.

    X and Fortune are my favourites.
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  11. TMZ is livestreaming it.

    What kind of OJ mess.
  12. This is legit happening. Lord have mercy.
  13. This is what happens when you come for Tinashe.
  14. He is so talented can't wait for the next album!
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  15. He can have a CD signing during visiting hours!
  16. King of viral promo.
  17. What's happening? Is he in prison yet?
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  18. You can watch it on TMZ's website.
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  19. He's back with a new single which I don't love.

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