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Chris Brown - Heartbreak On A Full Moon (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bb0990, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Latest single, Privacy
  2. His new album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon is out in June, it's a double album and his last on RCA.

  3. Damn, they're finally letting him release two discs of trash at once.
  4. Just.. why? Who is even here for this in 2017?
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  5. No one on God's green earth asked for a 40 song album from Chris Brown.
  6. His last on RCA? Does that mean they're finally dropping him?
  7. BML


    It obviously means he will have completed his contract...?
  8. I hope he doesn't get another deal and disappears.
  9. BML


  10. I guess this person?
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  11. BML


    Very much so actually.

    I'll leave you be now to idly wait around for Liam or Nick Jonas to record songs identical to Chris' output.
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  12. 2 albums of Breezy? It'll make for a great four-track EP.
  13. Liam and Nick Jonas... I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative. I don't want any of it.
  14. Why is this allowed.
  15. Privacy was a bit shit but generally his albums are amazing. Royalty was a blip with a few bops.
  16. Why is this dickhead allowed to release music when Tinashe and Charli are in hell.
  17. My personal highlights from the leaked songs on YouTube, could easily have made Royalty better or even made an album/mixtape

    Love RIP

    Cold Heart

    10 Feet

    Way Out

    Take It Off
  18. Stars


    To The Side

    Sex You Up
  19. So how many of them are 7 different renditions of Loyal?
  20. Jeez, how many songs does this guy record?
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