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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Bop

    Also found the pervy photoshoot we were talking about last year(?) Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 13.31.50.png
    Phoarrr or what.
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  2. Hot... and great singer too
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  3. That Smash Hits photoshoot really made those cold late 90s...hotter.
    I wonder if Smash Hits commissioned them or, say they were from an american publication like Rolling Stone, as they used to do that a lot with US acts.
  4. Found more!

    GASP. Looks like a People magazine or EW?
    Who STYLED this shoot. How did he get Chris to wear it. So many questions.
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  5. Early #feelings. His first few albums were amazing, and I still love this...

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  6. Pye


    I saw Chris live in Bristol in 1991. He wasn't a big name in the UK then so I was lucky to get front row tickets and see him up close. Very handsome indeed but also a great performer.
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  7. My favourite Chris Isaak song that isn't Wicked Game

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  8. Thanks, @Vasilios for starting this thread!

    I adore Chris Isaak. Talented, handsome, and great voice. I saw him about three years ago in concert - great show.

    His Best of with the CD and DVD of his videos is a must buy.
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  9. YESSS. I remember loving this after seeing it once on TV and then finding the CD single cheap. Simpler times.

    I'd love to see him live, I think he's touring quite frequently.

    I have this, bought day of release but still haven't watched the DVD. Flop fan.
  10. I remember as a young gay watching the Wicked Game video and drooling over every shot of him in his shirtless splendour.

    Kudos to Herb Ritts for directing that video. It really is one of the sexiest videos ever.
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  11. I was aware of him from Blue Hotel which was HUGE here in 1987 and resulted in him actually touring Greece - a thing body did at that point. Shame I was 14 and living in a flop city.
  12. I saw him live a couple of years ago - this was before security set up fences between the stage and the audience - so I stood literally just by the stage. He was sweating like crazy, and one drop of sweat fell on my face.

    I also love love love his music. Brilliant, mindblowing, incredible, etc:

  13. As much as I am a Kubrick fan and I know he gave everything with Eyes Wide Shut, the best moment in the film still remains the moment when Chris Isaak's Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing started playing.

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  14. Gasp. This detail. I love you.
  15. Bop
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  16. Also why is he wearing two watches on that boxing lingerie pic? So many... questions.
  17. Wasn't he in a John Waters film?

  18. This beauty!

    And Silence Of The Lambily, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Grace Of My Heart... he has quite the filmpgraphy, usually bit part roles.
  19. He even had his own TV show for a few seasons. It was cute. He's a decent actor. Nice presence on screen.
  20. I remember his appearance in Friends where Phoebe sang a song "Daddy said grandma went to Peru but the truth is she died and someday you will too" to a bunch of kids, his face was priceless.

    I bought the Wicked Game comp that was released in Europe when the title track became huge, listened to it a lot, he's got a great voice and is certainly goodlooking.
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