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Chris Rea: New thread for old popstar

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. From AOR nearly-man in the 70s and early 80s, to European superstar in the mid-80s, the "new Dire Straits" phase from 1988 to 1992, a dabble with chilled-out club culture at the turn of the 00s, and then a rebirth as a grizzled bluesman/painter churning out 11-disc boxsets. Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Rea.
  2. A genius who i saw this year and was awesome.
  3. My tipping point into the world of Rea was On The Beach (the album). Capital Radio had just launched a new Top 30 Album chart show late on Sunday nights, which would play non-single tracks, and I just loved the songs they played off On The Beach. Obviously, I'd become aware of his stuff in 1985 with Stainsby Girls and (especially) Josephine, as the 1984 material went over my head at the time, but something about On The Beach clicked with me. The next LP was probably better (and one of the first albums I bought on CD straightaway without even hearing first), but you always remember your first love, haha.
  4. [video=youtube;yNO7d7DwLuw][/video]

    One of my favourite non-singles from On The Beach.
  5. For me 84-91 was his golden period. The album versions of Ace Of Hearts and Loving You Again are two of my favourite 80s songs. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat 88 is one of the rare examples of someone re-recording a song of their own and improving it as I always thought the original version sounded a bit lifeless. Also, i'm surprised it took him so long to experiment with dance music as Josephine (La Version Francaise) had been his foot in the door back in 88.
  6. I like/prefer most of the re-recordings on New Light.., but it annoys me that most compilatons since then always use those versions and not the originals. He probably wasn't happy with the sound of his early albums.
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  7. Only a month to go until I dig out Driving Home For Christmas again (and the Etienne's cover version)

    And Josephine is a triumph
  8. Not forgetting Michael Ball's version,but then again maybe we should....


    Eric-would you say that this cheap 2 CD compilation is a perfect introduction to Chris Rea for those of us who don't have any of his albums?
  9. It's a decent starting point, especially at that price! I paid £5 for it on release, because despite all my Chris Rea CDs, there were still a few tracks/mixes/edits on there which I didn't own.
  10. Some of the reviews of that on Amazon are golden :

    "Couldn't be bothered to carry it". Amazing.
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  11. Sadly i quite like monsieur Ball's version, its very cabaret! Not as good as Chris Rea's though. Personally love that 87 to 89 period, though i have two decades worth, New Light Through Old Windows and The Road to Hell are imperious.
  12. "Chris Rea speaks for himself".

    Just as well, with "fans" like that, who can't be bothered lugging around a hefty CD.
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  13. Is it the original version of Josephine on The Very Best of from 2001? It's the french version on Shamrock Diaries in the Original Album Series. Was there a 'Special Remix' for the single release in 85 or was the original album version used for the 7"?
  14. The album mix is 3:57. The 1985 UK 7" was remixed by Dave Richards and comes in at 3:35. I'll check my copy of The Journey for the running time of its mix, as discogs nor amazon have it!

    It's 3:56, so a French version of the album mix, I'd guess!

    The 2001 compilation The Very Best Of has a "2001 edit" coming in at 3:36, so that *could* be the 7" version.
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  15. The Very Best Of version is 3:35 but doesn't mention a Dave Richards remix. The credits are the same as the New Light songs but it's not that recording. The Journey version is the French Edit isn't it?

    Sorry, I was writing my post when you put yours up.
  16. Yep, Journey mix is French Edit, 3:57. I've actually got yet another Rea comp on its way from zoverstocks - Heartbeats - and that may have another version still! (I'm getting it for the 7" edit - or 2001 edit - of Nothing To Fear). Weirdly, a lot of his longer singles aren't on CD in their edited form! It's All Gone, Joys Of Christmas, Nothing To Fear....
  17. I know It's All Gone was on Still So Far To Go in 2009 in what I thought was the 7" but an amazon reviewer said the drums had been remixed. Never had a copy of the 7" myself so I can't compare them.
  18. Yeah, that version is the right length (4:10/4:11) for the 7" but quite possible some remixing was done. I didn't know about that one, actually, so will look into it. I've got the vinyl "Mini Album" vinyl thing, and obviously the album mix on CD.
  19. Ha, was just looking at that earlier. I have so many Rea collections, I had to draw the line at that one. Mind you, I've just bought a cheap copy of Still So Far To Go, for a few different versions, and even if It's All Gone is remixed a bit, I'd like to have it.

    He must despair at the number of times WEA - or rather Warner Strategic Marketing - continue to milk his catalogue.
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