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Chris Rea: New thread for old popstar

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. As Demon released The Journey, I was going to suggest they should licence and release deluxe editions of his albums but with their recent track record i'm not so sure that would be a good idea.

    Coming Soon! Collectors Editions mastered from original... knackered vinyl!
  2. Ha, don't tempt them!

    I'm just having a look at my old Chris Rea anthology that I did a few years back, and trying to whittle it down from a 5CD job to at least 4 (my preferred size these days). Should be fairly easy to do, especially with several 7" edits to replace long LP versions.
  3. "Heartbeats" arrived today and it has the 4:27 edit of Nothing To Fear that I wanted. There is also the 7" remix of God's Great Banana Skin, the 7" edit of On The Beach '88, and a 4:29 mix of Jospehine with a 1988 credit (so, from New Light...) although I'm pretty sure it's the same length as that LP version despite being labelled on this set as an edit.

    Here are two of my favourite Chris Rea videos...both from 1992:



    (Oddly, the video is the full 9 minute mix!).
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  4. I much prefer the original I Can Hear Your Heartbeat and I'd love a reissue of Watersign with the 12" mixes - far and above his finest hour in my humble opinion.
  5. I hardly know any of his 12" mixes!
  6. I don't mind the backing track for the original ICHYH, I've just always thought that his vocal sounded like he wasn't really that interested. I haven't heard many of his 12" mixes but I was disappointed with the 12" special remix of Let's Dance because there's hardly any of the song in it. The Rea Mix (is that right?) from the second 12" is my preferred choice. Has it ever been on cd?
  7. ^ If it's not on the CD-single from the time, I doubt it (I've got that somewhere but not at hand to check).

    Still in the midst of reconstructing a 4CD Rea set (I', working on it) but keeping it to A-sides (anywhere in the world) plus maybe a few notable album tracks here and there. He really has SUCH a strong catalogue, and very rarely gets the credit he deserves for it.
  8. I've got the cd single as well. It has the Extended French Re-Record of Josephine from the second 12'' but the 12'' Special Remix of Let's Dance from the first. It's something that irritates me about (mostly) 80s cd singles where there was space on the disc to include all tracks from the single releases but, for some reason, things got left off. If it was because the artist(s) didn't like the mix or really rate the song, why put it on the vinyl?
    I've done multi disc sets for New Order and The Smiths but nearly drove myself mad trying to get the sound of the tracks consistent (tweaking EQ etc). I haven't recovered enough yet to do it for anyone else.
  9. God I love this pop acoustic balearic whatever sound, just heard it by accident.......from 1998, I thought he had abandoned pop music by then so I had given up on him.

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  10. He briefly went back to a more pop-influenced sound for a couple of years...The Blue Cafe, Road To Hell 2 and King Of The Beach were all influenced by the balearic there was the dance remake of On The Beach by York which was a hit and apparently provided further inspiration/incentive for him to follow that path for a while.
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  11. I did not know until this minute that he left out my favourite line in ICHYH.....‘I'm in a European disco, And it's thumping up the beat’ in the inferior Dire Straitsized re-recording from the late 80s on that new shite through old windows album.

    The original is cool, nostalgic and synthetic like freezing Coca-Cola.

    He should release an album of his balearic/yachty tunes and call it ‘I'm in a European Disco’. I know, I should have a job in compilations like Liz from Will & Grace.

    From Liz’s CV:

    Liz works as an office manager with two people working under her: Melissa and Keith. Her company is in the music business and does collections of classic hits such as Hits of the '80s, Ladies of the '80s, Rock Ballads of the '80s, and The '90s.

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  12. I am stunned at his chart placings single-wise! Jesus!

    It felt like he was always on the radio but his highest chart placing was 10 for The Road To Hell, one Top 10 single in his whole career. He had a few No.1 albums in the late 80s/early 90s. Mind you thinking about it maybe it wasn't so unusual....weren't Eurythmics kind of in the same boat at the time?

    I just have a few of the early albums to get and I'll have all his albums, pretty easy to get thankfully.

    I am still playing Thinking Of You daily (it was a single in Germany.....hurrah!)
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  13. Yes, his chart success - Top 40 wise - was very took him until 1987 to get a Top 20 hit, and he was by no means guaranteed to chart with every release. Albums-wise he had a solid following all along, which picked up first in 1985 and then continued to grow through 1986 until he could debut at #2 with Dancing With Strangers in 1987. But radio loved him (or the A&R pluggers paid well!).

    Eurythmics flopped with their first 4 or 5 singles, up until Sweet Dreams in Jan 1983. Then they went on a run of massive hits until 1985 (each of their Top 10 hits peaked at a different number, trivia fans), but 1986's Revenge signalled a change - the albums would still chart high, but hit singles became rarer....after Thorn In My Side, I don't think they made the Top 10 again.
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  15. Brilliant take @Eric Generic - makes me want to listen again.
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  16. Thanks @nlgbbbblth ! I hadn't noticed how long it had been since the previous review, almost 6 months. They are fun to write, and by far the most popular feature on my blog. In fact, all the big write-ups seem to generate the most traffic and feedback.
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  17. @Eric Generic I enjoyed your review of Road to Hell. Can’t believe you don’t love Tell Me there’s a Heaven!
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  18. It's a strange one, I think it's the cloying tune and the "grandpa says.." type thing with the lyrics! However, it comes from a good place and he meant what he says in the song, so it'll just have to be one of those that I say "I don't personally care for".

    Glad you enjoyed the review. I'd have to say Road To Hell is my least-favourite album of the 5 in the series, but it's all relative. Still better than most acts could do!
  19. I remember being shocked when I compiled the UK top 10 hits from the 80s that neither On The Beach '88 nor Tanita Tikaram's Twist in my Sobriety were top 10 hits there as I distinctly remember them sounding everywhere when I was very young. Both total injustices.
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  20. My only Chris Rea purchase was buying the Stainsby Girls single in Woolworths with my pocket money for either Mother’s Day or her birthday. I made her not look when I got in Woolies (I was too young to go myself). I’d heard her commenting on it every time it came on the radio.
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