Christians UK Singles Rate 1987-1994 WINNER REVEALED

Starting this coming Monday I shall be doing a small concise rate for The Christians of all the bands UK Single releases between 1987 and 1994. SCORING Will be the same as my other rates 12 for your favourite 11 for your second favourite single then 10 downwards for the rest. I will also allow decimal points so if you want to score it 9.3 you can, From Monday I will have you tube links up for each track where possible , so you can listen back and see if your opinion changes. The scoring period will be 4 weeks long so please send me your rates in by 27th April. I can extend should circumstances dictate that option. Hope to see you here on Monday .


Tracks eligible for the vote are
Forgotten Town
Hooverville (Promised Us The World)
When The Fingers Point
Ideal World (Remix)
Born Again (Remix)
Harvest For The World
I Found Out
Greenbank Drive (Laurie Latham Single Remix)
What's In A Word
The Bottle
Perfect Moment

Let's begin with the single that started it all Forgotten Town
Entered Chart 31st January 1987 No 54 Weeks On Chart 11 Highest Position 22
Did not hear this until it appeared on the UK show Top Of The Pops. Not normally my kind of music but it draw me in through the soulful vocal harmonies and the beat of the music. A very strong start.

Next Up Hooverville (They Promised Us The World)
Entered Chart 13th June 1987 (number 74) Weeks On Chart 10 Highest Position 21
Chart Run 74-59-48-38-27-21-21-27-41-64
On first hearing I preferred this to Forgotten Town although now they are both on equal pairing. Anoother strong vocal and a song with social meaning, especially with the situation we find ourselves in now. The song starts slowly but builds and has a superb chorus.

When The Fingers Point
Entered Chart 26th September 1987 (Number 66) Weeks On Chart 7 Highest Position 34
Chart Run 66-56-49-42-34-36-63
The weakest of the singles so far, but that being said it is still a strong solid song. I really like the start it builds well and creates a soulful atmosphere.

Ideal World (Remix)
Entered Chart 5th December 1987 (Number 52) Weeks On Chart 13 Highest Position 14
Chart Run 52-49-39-25-26-27-22-15-14-15-21-38-71
The groups longest running chart run here at 13 weeks. This is a track where I much prefer the remixed single version to the LP Mix. My favourite Christians single from the first LP which just draws you into it's magical soundtrack and keeps you there. Always gives me a warm happy feeling whenever I hear this, which is not that often.

Born Again (Remix)
Entered Chart 23rd April 1988 (Number 66) Weeks On Chart 7 Highest Position 25
Chart Run 66-33-26-25-36-49-74
Another where I prefer the single remix, but this track works better as an album rather than a single track. For me it was one single too many from the album.

Harvest For The World
Entered Chart 15th October 1988 (Number 21) Weeks On Chart 7 Highest Position 8
Chart Run 21-9-8-11-16-26-44
A stand alone single at the time, this gave the Christians their highest ever entry point in the charts and also their highest charting singles. As cover versions go, it's a good but not great one, it really depends on what you think of the original when comparing them.
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Entered Charts 23rd December 1989 (Number 33) Weeks On Chart 8 Highest Position 18
Chart Run 33-18-28-31-38-52-56-72
The groups final Top 20 hit comes at the end of a the decade, entering at No33. I love the song but especially the full length video it's overlong and tends to outstay it's welcome. Having said that the edit is superb and captures the song perfectly.

Greenbank Drive
Entered Chart 15th September 1990 (Number 72) Weeks On Chart 2 Highest Position 63
Chart Run 72-63
The LP version of this is OK but for me the Laurie Latham remix adds to it. Stronger production and slightly speeded up make for an excellent single that deserved a Top 40 place.

Entered Chart 14th November 1992 (Number 55 ) Weeks On Chart 2 Highest Position 55
Chart Run 55-59
Have to be honest at the time I was not keen on this, sounded too much like Words in parts. But over the years I have mellowed in my thoughts on the track. The vocals here are very strong and the semtimental title and lyrics mean something.

The Bottle
Entered Chart 6th March 1993 (Number 39) Weeks On Chart 3 Highest Position 39
Chart Run 39-51-75
The second cover in their singles releases. As it goes it is a good faithful cover of Gil Scott Heron's original.
This was the band final top 40 hit and last charting single