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Christina Aguilera - 7th Album + 2nd Spanish Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. If “Reflection” isn’t a high fashion upgrade on the original MV, with her looking back at her own reflection from it...
  2. What's a "tiger's fool"?
  3. I love that Disney aren't going to replace Christina with a younger singer for the new Mulan. It feels right to have Christina do this song. She's very connected to the film in my mind, even after all these years.
  4. I think it can be interpreted as a riff on the idiom "to catch a tiger by the tail," which basically means something is challenging and unlikely to succeed. That's how I took it.
  5. Love that XXXTina rocked these sex shop boots to promote her power ballad soundtrack to Disney’s Mulan. 4AF40B37-3371-4963-9959-8DEFCEA50084.jpeg
  6. Why did this post immediately make me think of Celine’s Instagram commercial with It’s All Coming Back To Me Now?

  7. Even Co** Destroyers need self reflection

  8. This is the first performance of hers in ages that I really enjoyed. The transitions from head- to chest voice are flawless.
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  9. I hadn’t heard the song yet until the performance and I really enjoyed it. She sounded great.
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  10. Jokes on me cause I was waiting for it to be officially uploaded, but alas, that is the life of a Fighter.
  11. Christina’s got one of my favourite voices in the business, she’s so emotive and it just really gets me. I like this song, I think she sounds great on the recording and in parts of this performance but it’s also pretty pitchy at times. Hopefully she does more performances and I’m excited to hear Reflection too!
  12. Good performance of Loyal Brave True. I love how she ended the song, when the instruments stopped leaving only her voice.
  13. That was... fucking stunning. I had chills. Her voice and control have basically recovered 100%. The new deep, rich tone she has makes it even better. Makes me want to listen to Liberation right now.
  14. Her voice tends to sound really gravely and hoarse when she really belts these last few years, but on this song (studio and live) she sounds strong but also smooth. I think it's one of her best vocals ever.

    Also with Don't Start Now and Say So being hits, can Christina finally make that disco album I've been begging for? I listened to Telepathy again yesterday and thought again that I'd really like her to explore that further.
  15. A Spanish disco album. Whew the girls are transported to Cuba in the 70s
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  16. Don't know how I missed that this song was released, but I've finally heard it and really like it.
    Her vocal performance is amazing, indeed.
  17. The sheer effortlessness of that vocal... the middle 8! Fuck me, the voice is in killer condition.

    I think the song is pretty good too, above average for a soundtrack. The chorus is just lovely.
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  18. Wasn't the Jimmy Kimmel appearance announced as a mini-concert?
  19. It was cancelled because the Mulan premiere fell on the same day, so she couldn't do the actual concert part.
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