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Christina Aguilera - 7th Album + 2nd Spanish Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    So now that Mulan has been pushed back... I guess we're not getting the new version of Reflection till then, huh.

  2. Can't Hold Us Down is now Silver in the UK.
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  3. Let's celebrate with a stream

    What a bop.
  4. upload_2020-4-17_0-55-49.jpeg
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  5. Her voice... ugh, still unmatched. That rich, low tone! I'm her dog, completely calmed, no worries, no thoughts, just enjoying the moment.
  6. Not Cristina snatching 'Most Booked Guest Singer for Specials' from Jennifer Hudson.
  7. She sounded amazing.
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  8. Truly one of the most remarkable voices we ever had. I am still overjoyed by the fact I saw her twice last year. She didn’t disappoint.
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  9. Have we heard anything of her tour being recorded? I'm dying to watch it.
  10. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Christina’s vocals (I can find her a bit abrasive) but god damn that was gorgeous.
  11. This isn't really X7 related, but I feel like some of you might need to see this:

  12. RJF


    Dear God
  13. Why are you like this

  14. AMAZING.

    So many 11s, I'm torn a bit already.
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  15. How....random. ‘For Your Entertainment’ is a BOP though!
  16. Ddddd Adam Lambert was the best she could come up with for an American co-headliner?

    Thanks, Covid!
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  17. Where is this shot from? It's gorgeous, I don't remember the shoot/can't even place the era. Could somebody post a HQ ish version? @BEST FICTION come thru!
  18. It’s from Summer 2016 when she had red hair for a few months. It’s a photo her make up artist uploaded, it’s not from a real photoshoot so there’s no actual HQ.

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  19. She should have kept that hair and record her own Confessions On A Dance Floor.
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