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Christina Aguilera - 7th Album + 2nd Spanish Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. OH MY GOD
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  2. #LatinX2 is such a creative hashtag ddd!
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  3. Queen of edging. She looks like she’s having a blast. Here comes the true #FireAndFun (if you know you know).
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  4. She should at least put out a song for the summer.

  5. What now?!?

    Lemme just dust off my Xtina stanning bible just incase....

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  6. Inspired by...

    Could be more Back to Basics style but blues instead of retro 40s & 50s.
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  7. I'm so mad I'll be traveling during those dates but encouraged that she's getting back out there!
  8. Christina with an orchestra will be fucking amazing, they should stream this.
  9. Rauw is smashing right now so I hope this sees the light of day soon. She’s been looking amazing lately too.

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  10. I didn’t want to bump the Liberation thread as it hasn’t been active since August 2020. But I realised it’s been three years since Liberation came out. Still such a fucking good album.
  11. It came out on my birthday. What a moment.

    That was the first time I stayed awake till midnight to listen to album as soon as it was released digitally.

    Happy birthday to Liberation (and me).
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  12. Not the Sweetarts collab ffff
  13. I’m happy for her but doesn’t she literally say how inspired she is each aeon when an album eventually appears?
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  14. And it’s true!
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  15. Is she going to release reggaeton music?
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    She’s kinda due for an album. I know long waits are her thing, but we’re kind of at that time.
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  17. There was a 5 and a half year gap between Lotus and Liberation. It's only just been 3 years. So if one of these albums arrives this fall then she's a bit ahead of schedule for her standards. I really hope there isn't a big gap between the English and Spanish albums.

    Also yes to People Magazine calling Candyman "iconic". Back to Basics does not get the love it deserves. It wasn't her best era, but it was her best executed era, if that makes sense. The vision, how well the music actually fit the vision, the art direction, the music videos, the singles, the tour. It was the full on commitment to the concept, which she was never quite able to do again.

    When people think of Christina Aguilera visually I think they picture Back to Basics - the platinum hair and red lips. A version of her Back to Basics shtick became her signature look. But when it comes to the album and era I think people think of Ain't No Other Man and thats it. Which fair enough, still her best lead single.
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