Christina Aguilera - 7th Album + Vegas Residency

Carrying sachets of lube in her purse to give to friends... be for real, lady.

Christina was all over my Spotify Wrapped 2022 (top artist, two songs in the top 5 etc) but she was nowhere to be seen in my top 100 this year. What happened?!
Can someone explain how these tickets for the Vegas show work? I want to go with a friend, but I can only buy tickets in a batch of four, and the footnote lists some pretty outrageous minimum spends per table. Am I missing something?


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Last we heard about English music was July 2021 when she said she was working with the writer behind Love On The Brain by Rihanna. That was the most concrete response, everything else has been very small mentions about how she’s inspired and working on new music but nothing too specific.
Are we getting another compilation video?