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Christina Aguilera - 7th Studio Album & 2nd Spanish Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. God she looks so good. Thanks!
  2. I can totally hear Adam Lambert on Just a Fool. It sounds shrill and like something I'd skip, but I can hear it.
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  3. Sadly she confirmed that new music has been put on the back burner due to the pandemic, but she is using her time wisely and learning to play piano:

    Imagining Xtina singing behind a piano is kind of everything.
  4. Xtina Wolfgang if ya nasty.
  5. So excited to hear the fruits of her labor in 7 years.
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  6. There's a "Loyal Brave True" video out TOMORROW. *gasps*

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  7. I can't wait to hear the new version of Reflection!
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  8. The new song sucks but I’m interested in “Reflection 2020”.
  9. From the looks of it, Reflection 2020 might be a slowed down, orchestral affair similar to the version she sang in the Xperience.
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  10. It'd better not be an album-only iTunes purchase.
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  11. "Reflections". Does Mulan have more than one now?
  12. Is that a typo or new title?
  13. I'm not sure. Could be a way to distinguish them in her discography instead of Reflection (2020), or it is just a typo.
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  14. It's going to be so jarring hearing her sing, "When will my reflectionS show..." But, work that algorithm and SEO, mama.
  15. I'm sure its typo. Christina referred to it as 'Reflection' in her instagram post, and it's listed as 'Reflection' in the tweet track listing @BEST FICTION posted.
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  16. UMMMMM. Wow. Chills.
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