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Christina Aguilera - 7th Studio Album & Mulan Soundtrack

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Oop at me crying. I-
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  2. I have absolutely no attachment to Disney or Mulan, so I have no particular feelings about this, but she looks & sounds gorgeous.

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  3. It’s huge. Amazing. She is the greatest singer alive.
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  4. Honestly, this destroys the original version, which was great already but does sound rather dated today. The strings and drums just elevate this and Christina has never sounded better. And Mulan is my favourite animated film of all time (I have zero desire seeing the 2020 version) so I did get a bit emotional listening to this.
  5. That note at the end could split the earth in two.
  6. “Reflection” was my intro to Xtina (and I think most people’s in my age group), so the nostalgia factor was already in place. Hearing her knock it out of the park like this so effortlessly all this time later was extremely overwhelming and emotional. I literally lost my breath by the time the ending had hit.


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  7. She sounds better now than in the original, teebs.

    Absolutely unreal. If there were any justice in the world, this would be her next #1.
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  8. Goosebumps.
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  9. I am floored with the new Reflection!
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  10. Wow this is EPIC!
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  11. I wasn’t prepared for Reflection to do this to me! Goosebumps, chills, tears. The strings and drums combined with those vocals, it’s just so amazing.
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  12. Christina sounds fucking godly on Reflection 2020. I’m floored. I need Christina to be brought back into the conversation when we talk about the greatest living vocalists we have today tbh. Ugh, CHILLS!!!!
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  13. The fact that the ‘Mulan’ soundtrack has more Xtina music videos than ‘Lotus’ and the same as ‘Bionic’ is a scream. Queen of Consistency.

    My thoughts on ‘Reflection 2.0’? Massive. Dramatic. Heart Felt. Xtina serving vocals on a beautiful reinterpretation of one of her most underrated songs. I’m so fucking thrilled with it.

    And the video is beautiful in its simplicity. This Fighter is feeling fed!
  14. Still prefer the first version, this one is way too much vocal wise.
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  15. This is a properly incredible moment. She has never sounded better.
  16. Who cares about the original when this one is perfection?!
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  17. My god, her voice. This completely blew me away.
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  18. I fucking bawled my eyes out. The lyrics mean so much more to me as a working adult now than they ever did as a kid.
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  19. I am speechless. Only this woman could.
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