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Christina Aguilera - 7th Studio Album & Mulan Soundtrack

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. WHEW. Mulan is already my favorite Disney princess so I have special attachment to the original but goddamn, that knocked me off my ass. That last note could destroy the Huns without Mulan even having to fight.
  2. This is perfect.
    This is perfect.
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  3. That last huge note being held and dramatized when that specific particular note was the reason she got to record the song way back when and thus get a record deal makes it so intense; my stupid little gay brain had her whole career flash through my mind in that moment.
  4. Hi I still can't get over how good this is. Over-singing? Nah. This is a demonstration of power and control like she hasn't shown before. It's exhilarating. Once the bridge hits, she is at a 10 for the rest of the song. I love it so much.
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  5. The vocals are stunning but I was expecting it to sound more orchestral like it does in the trailer.
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  6. I screamed.

    I love how she's been checking on stuff coming from her fans as of late whether fan art or memes.
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  7. That new version


    Her voice literally gets better doesn't it?

    Like i genuinely think THAT note cured my diabetes?
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  8. Are you diabetic too!?

    Are we going to hear The Note live tomorrow?
  9. 22 years strong! Type 1 since I was 5.
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  10. Top 20 on iTunes right now. I’m surprised and impressed. Imagine if the performance tomorrow had a Kelly ‘Piece by Piece on Idol’ effect? Ahhhh!
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  11. Type 1 since 16. *high five*
  12. It’s so sweet when diabetics find each other!
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  13. We're an elite group of flawless people

  14. Type 1 since February.

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  15. *Hugggggg*
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  16. ‘Reflection/Loyal Brave and True’ on GMA.

    Ugh I love it so much. Serving John Lennon Chic while posing for the god with bristling sheets blowing.

    The fact Christina can’t lip sync for her life also is a kii.

    This little ‘Mulan’ era is kinda serving. Two music videos AND performing both singles?

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  17. Just listened to the new Reflection. WOW. One of her best ever vocals. I cried!
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  18. Official upload of the GMA performance
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  19. I love when she just gives up lipping the vocals altogether at the start of 'Loyal Brave True' and serves billowy sheet vanity shots instead. Even in her own backyard, Legendtina rises.

    The new version of 'Reflection' is very impressive. I love the cinematic drama of the production alongside how mature Christina's voice has become. There's lots of showboating as was to be expected and it overwhelms the melody a little in the last chorus, but that climactic note is a real moment.

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  20. W2K


    Wow. That last chorus brought a tear to my eye. Epic.
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