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Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Someone told me it was being released over 2 or 3 ep’s? Dunno how true that is…
  2. The release of any form of album depends on the success of the single(s). If this were to blow up you can bet they'd thrown an album out there. If this doesn't do the numbers you'll probably get one or two more singles and that's it.
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  3. Oh please, the past decade may have been harsh on Christina sales wise but it's not THIS bad ddd. She will release these songs/installments either way.
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  4. This is great. I'm a little Muchacho.
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  5. Xtina said that herself.
  6. Right dd. And it sounds like this whole thing is pretty much finished and she’s just rolling it out slowly over the next year or so.
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  7. So you don’t think She Is just Coming but also will actually prove that She Is Christina Aguilera?
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  8. I like it, but a little hesitant about the vocal straining on the second half. *Lotus war flashbacks*
  9. I was thinking this could be a hit until 2:49 onwards, to be honest, but it made it more Xtina than ever so I’m not sure if I should complain.
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  10. Thanks to this project I got to know Nathy and I am obsessed since Wednesday. She is everything.

    And I must say I don't care what X-Tina releases. As long as she releases something she can be behind of (unlike some Bionic tracks and Lotus) I am in. This is no different. It is on my heavy rotation. Love it!
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  11. Love this but I don’t really see it going anywhere, not even in Latin America. If she wanted a hit she should’ve just done a Karol G feature.
  12. Maybe if she was an independent artist and bankrolled this herself. However a label has invested in this and will expect a return. It's business. And any investment is at risk at this point in her career especially a Spanish album not catered to her core audience.

    That aside, I really hope it does decently. I'd love more output from her.
  13. It's gonna be interesting to see if she can make a wave in South America with that. My ex who is from Chile told me that Mi Reflejo was quite a thing and an US pop girl checking into the other half of the continent was something people loved. Could be the right moment for her riding the nostalgia wave.

    He also told me his mother went through her divorce blasting the ballads from it all day. He thinks it is a pretty smart move to cater to the market again since she is more beloved for her classics than some others who recorded some Spanish stuff here but made it seem like a business move more than anything.

    She also brought her hits in Spanish. He is always disappointed when the English version of Genie is playing somewhere which first surprised me because I didn't thought about the Spanish version actually being bigger than the English one anywhere but that was me being ignorant. If nothing else she will at least be able to do a nice tour with this drumming up interest again.

    Personally I like the new song a lot but it does not feel like something that could crossover. Which is fine obviously.
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  14. Mi Reflejo was huge in Spain too. *flashbacks to literally every school having dance numbers to Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú) at graduations*
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  15. Wow the visuals are perfection. I love the song!
  16. Yeah, 'Mi Reflejo' was huge in Latin America. 'Falsas Esperanzas' was the main song for a soap opera in Mexico back in the days. Also you could listen to 'Ven Conmigo' everywhere and being covered for reality shows all the time. Similar things happened with "Por Siempre tú" and "Genio Atrapado" being on Mtv and Music channels all the time. But the BIG HIT was "Pero me acuerdo de ti", that must be one of her biggest solo songs ever. It's still common to listen to it everyday on the radio. It is a huge love song for radio stations that plays romantic music in Spanish. 'Pero me acuerdo de ti' was written and produced by Rudy Perez, who I guess had a lot to do with her debut album, so I really hope she's working with him again for this new record.

    I don't see the new single doing anything similar, tbh. But I want to believe she's collaborating with the right people.
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  17. The first EP is called La Fuerza, and she restated she will be releasing the 3 chapters through to the end of 2022.
  18. This is a bop. This feels like it could lead to a slight commercial resurgence for her. Not that it matters at this point, but it would be cool if this became a hit.

    I also agree that this is her best video since Your Body. Liberation deserved better in terms of visuals, honestly.
  19. I trust a J.Lo stan when it comes to diminishing returns and shelved Spanish albums so no hate from me!
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