Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

We know better than to get our hopes up, but she did sort of kind of maybe insinuate on WWHL that music might be coming with Vegas.

I was listening to Telepathy a few days ago and it did make me really wish she'd do a 70's disco influenced album. It would have been way too gimmicky coming off the back of Back to Basics but its been over a decade now, so that wouldn't be a problem.
Shirley Manson would lose it. Yes please.

I just googled and wew.

"Why not struggle to be a nicer person Christina? Perhaps that would bring you closer to God because rumour has it from numerous and decidedly reliable sources that you are an absolute ****."


I was thinking exactly like Billie's earlier stuff, but thinking about it, she'd sound great with the sound of Billie's latest album. I don't want her to resort to these power ballads and Say Something's hoping for a hit, I want her to be more daring and I can actually see her having a bigger chance of a hit that way.