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The festival she was performing in in Valencia was cancelled and her Mallorca show received very mixed reviews. She’s not coming back any time soon, huh…
The festival she was performing in in Valencia was cancelled and her Mallorca show received very mixed reviews. She’s not coming back any time soon, huh…
I cant say I'm surprised. As much as I loved the X tour, I think I got a bit wrapped up in the fact I'd never seen Christina before and let it slide that the performance was only 1 hour 20 and not many songs were done in their entirety

At this stage of Christina's career there's no excuse to not do an hour and 45 mins at least. I'd have also liked to have seen more Liberation tracks in there
At this point I think the show will be similar to the X tour with a few of the Spanish thrown in and bionic added properly
The map on Ticketmaster looks pretty sold out for her O2 show when I checked the other day.

I don’t know how the tickets for that work though, bought them via Ticketmaster but you need to access them from the O2 venue app?
So, I’m meeting Christina Aguilera on tour?!

Don’t ask how much I paid for the Meet and Greet upgrade…
Omg I'm soooo jealous!!!! I've just seen the prices and its actually cheaper than the X Tour by around £100 - and at least you get a poster and wristband this time!

So excited for you! Please report back on how it is!
I got an email today from AXS offering 50% off the £80 and £65 tickets for the London date until Sunday. Might not be selling too well…

I had one from Gigs and Tours today - slightly better tickets available. Quite surprising though as on there, AXS and Ticketmaster it's sold pretty decently on the lower tier at least. I was second row on the floor last time but £50 instead of £100 and £115 just seems like such a bargain!
Mind sharing some links? I couldn't find all that much but I'm very curious. Thanks!

They're not all negative, but they all highlight that it felt like she was on autopilot and the slightly messy nature of the concert. Also - the social media reaction was a bit harsh. Just not a visit to write home about.
On one hand I always want to support an artist (especially one I like) doing something that means something to them. But I'll admit, on the other hand.... this was always a pointless venture. Her last Spanish album was 20 years ago. She didn't even dabble in that market since. There just wasn't really an audience for this. There's barely an audience for her English albums anymore, as much it pains me to type that.

I wish this had been a one off EP. I like everything she's done with it. The videos have been some of her best in years. She sounds great, the songs have been solid. But rather than stretch this over multiple EP's and then a combined album etc, I would have picked the cream of the crop, released on EP late last year, and then moved onto the English album this year. And I would enter negotiations to do a new Vegas residency, maybe akin to her Pride shows - something colorful and brash and fun.

Or!! I also think a residency based very much on Back to Basics would be brilliant. On brand for Vegas, on brand for Christina, and probably the visual incarnation people most associate with her.
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Has anyone who purchased tickets from Ticketmaster received their tickets yet? I havent so I emailed TM and they said they are yet to be dispatched... I'm in Ireland so if they dont arrive by Friday, I wont have them!
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