Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

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It says on Ticketmaster you need the O2 venue app which I’ve downloaded but I don’t have the tickets yet, not sure what to do!

They're not all negative, but they all highlight that it felt like she was on autopilot and the slightly messy nature of the concert. Also - the social media reaction was a bit harsh. Just not a visit to write home about.
I just watched some of the concert online, and I hope she was just having an off vocal night, because she was dodging left and right. She left a lot of heavy lifting to the backup singers and the backing track.
Is anyone standing at Scarborough tomorrow? I’m thinking of going early to get front standing but I’m not sure what time.

I went for Lady Gaga on Saturday at 8am and was 4th row and honestly it was messy.

I don’t think I need to be as early for Christina.

Any ideas?
So far this is all I’ve seen of the merch.

In terms of a set list, I’ve seen this floating around:
Can’t Hold Us Down
Genie in a Bottle
What A Girl Wants
Ya Llegue
Como Yo
Pa Mis Muchachas
Feel This Moment
Moves Like Jagger
Ain’t No Other Man
Say Something
Show Me How You Burlesque
Lady Marmalade
Let There Be Love

Keep in mind these will probably be 90% shortened and in medleys.
Looks like we might only be a month away from La Luz. Debuting new material at this Billboard event where she will receive the "Spirit of Hope" Award... Whatever that means!

Came into this thread to complain about the era and La Luz not being out just to see this so yas.
Hopefully we finally get physical copies of the album too.
Please tell me this is a cover of the Nino Bravo song.

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