Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

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Album Of The Year: AGUILERA
Song Of The Year: Pa Mis Muchachas
Record Of The Year: Pa Mis Muchachas
Best Traditional Pop Album: AGUILERA
Best Urban Fusion/Performance: Pa Mis Muchachas
Best Urban Fusion/Performance: Santo
Best Regional Song: Cuando Me De La Gana

Citi and American Airlines Take Concert Exclusivity to the Extreme With a Cardholder-Only Christina Aguilera Show

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Citi and American Airlines’ partnership, Christina Aguilera will perform a concert exclusively for Citi and AAdvantage Mastercard members. The show will take place on Thursday, October 6, at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. Citi and AAdvantage cardmembers can purchase tickets using their card through Live Nation at Citi Entertainment’s website.

“It’s rare to have the opportunity to perform for my fans and connect with them in such an intimate setting,” says Christina Aguilera. “Celebrating Citi and American Airlines’ 35th year of partnership with this unique concert experience is extraordinarily special for me and the fans.”

The show will also be live streamed exclusively for Citi and AAdvantage cardmembers at no additional cost on the premium concert streaming platform Veeps. Members can watch the concert via, the Veeps app on Apple TV, Android, iOS, and Roku.

Access with code here.
Amazing news! I've been so here for the first two EPs, this will end up being one of my favourite projects of the year for sure. When is it gonna be released? I'm presuming they will add it to the rest of the album?
Hate to go all "uh oh guys the art police is here *eyes emoji*" on her, but why does she insist on thrusting these Nostromo bodywork ass album covers upon us when she has etherial serves such as that first Instagram slide? Don't get me wrong, I love me some alien extravaganza, but I just think the other way would work better this era.

Heard a bit of the new single. It’s a ballad but thankfully it’s much better than Somos Nada just based on the snippet. It’s more Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti drama vibes from what I can tell. I think it’s the song dedicated to her father.
Love the sound of it, except for the Somos Nada drive by. That's probably a Top 5 Christina ballad.
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