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Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.


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  2. hopefully physical copies of the final album go up for preorder too
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  3. Wait, La Luz is just an intro and a song? I thought it was going to be another six song EP. This is so disappointing.
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  4. I assumed it would be a full EP too... but damn, No Es Que Te Extrañe is gorgeous. Love the production on it and she sounds flawless.
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  5. It's kind of humerous that the most personal project she's ever worked on is a song and intro - unless she was referring to AGUILERA as a whole?
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  6. The cherry on top of this rollout sigh. I can't believe we won't ever officially hear the C. Tangana song that leaked weeks before the campaign started.
  7. Outlets were reporting La Luz was coming out next week. My theory is that the full thing isn’t out til the 7th, but because of the intro being part of La Luz, it was released this way rather than an individual single like the previous leads. There are still several titles left that haven’t been released and as mentioned above the C Tangana song still exists and only recently started getting removed from YouTube.
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  8. Honestly this release cycle was a disaster but if the album had a traditional rollout we know damn well she would've released 2 singles at best and then disappeared a week after the release. This was her most eventful era since... Back to Basics? I just want a physical copy now please!!
  9. She just performed La Reina at the Latin Billboard Music Awards and aside from her having some in-ear issues that caused her to sing over her own voice, she was stellar.
    I really hope there is more to La Luz but today was still a great day. An amazing new single and a gorgeous new performance is like Christmas to an Xtina stan, we don’t get this often!
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  10. The intro and the new song was tacked onto the AGUILERA album on Apple Music. I’m choosing to believe that the rest of the EP will come out next week or in two weeks and the whole album will finally be released.
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  11. The intro and the song are ''Disc 3'' on the Spotify album so I assume there will be more.
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  12. That video was a bit more emotional than I was expecting it... Gorgeous and powerful. She truly is incredible.
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  13. Honestly, the new song is fantastic, she sounds absolutely divine and the production is fantastic. This era, rollout aside has been really great. The music is some of her best ever!
  14. It's been amazing to see her enjoy this era so much. She could have easily put together a bunch of derivative reguetón tracks and called it a day, but this is clearly a passion project where she's managed to weave extremely personal stuff into it, as well as carry out actual experimentation and an ample blanket of genre exploration.
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  15. The new song is a career moment I think - her vocals, the layers of the song - it’s a peak.
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  16. What a performance!
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  17. The rollout was not ideal, but 100% this is her most fully realized “era” since Back to Basics and that’s been a lot of fun. I missed her full commitment to a concept.
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  18. Who knew we'd get 6 music videos from Xtina in one era... The most we've ever gotten.
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