Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

Stripped 20 with a cover like this?

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Such a missed opportunity. I'm kind of mad.

Wow, I’m guessing Alicia pitched it to her during the sessions they had that resulted in her recording Impossible?

I think that's what Alicia said. But her A&R said no, so she gave Xtina a new track.

Edit - okay so it wasn't even pitched, just something she was thinking of doing nn:


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So, by this point it's safe to assume there really aren't any more La Luz/Aguilera songs coming, right? This really has been one of the messiest album rollouts I've ever witnessed.
I want to believe that maybe we're getting a deluxe edition down the line but who knows.

The difference between how immaculately La Fuerza was handled and the other "EPs" (does La Luz even count as an EP) is astonishing. And it's a shame because like others have said, in terms of content, we probably got more out of this era than her past three eras combined. But the rollout was like... unorganized would be one thing but it really was just flat-out messy.