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What a great read and what a truly legendary album!

FAIR: ‘Beautiful’ comes out, immediately becomes a gigantic hit and overtakes ‘Dirrty’ on the chart. In the meantime, research came back on ‘Dirrty’ showing that it was a hit and they’d moved off it too early. When I look at the story of Stripped, I think it would have been very different if they had the courage to stick with ‘Dirrty.’ We would have had back-to-back smash hits instead of just ‘Beautiful.’ But RCA was not an edgy company and the people working there were not moving culture forward. They were putting records out.
Kind of sad that nothing has changed!
he / him
Ron Fair's comments on "Dirrty" are completely on-point. The fact that "Dirrty" was such a massive hit internationally should've given RCA a little more faith in its potential on the Billboard Hot 100.
On the other hand, if Dirrty hadn't underperformed in the US we would never have got this:

Easily MadTV’s worst song parody. The funniest bit was “don’t look at that” but then it just is devoid of anything humorous.

Their Destiny’s Child, Mariah, and Shakira parodies though? Great, top quality.
I still can't believe she wasted the anniversary of her biggest album of her career (and one of the best albums of that decade) with one song and a remix.

I just can't.
The nice thing about anniversaries is there'll be more of them. She can't sell the cow with the milk just yet!
Mabuhay from Xtina’s fan group here in the Philippines. We celebrated Stripped’s 20th. (I’m the 3rd from the left)


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