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Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. I love how Christina can be so extra and so un-extra at the same time.

    The same artist that gives us albums with 58 tracks, also releases a half-music video and a 1-track EP.

    Never change Xtina!
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  2. It's really nice to see her getting this recognition at this stage in her career. I still hate how mishandled the era was, because it feels like she could have had some proper international hits with some of these singles, but at least the work is being acknowledged. I wonder if it'll inspire her to lean more into Latin music going forward, I think it's a smart lane for her.
  3. The fact ''Santo'' was not a global smash hit like, say, ''Chantaje'' is a crime.
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  4. Trying to secure that Latin Grammy.
  5. Her half videos are getting SHORTER! dd
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  6. I wonder if Xtina/her team are satisfied with how AGUILERA did or if they hoped for better. It obviously didn't set any charts alight, but I think that was to be expected with the extraordinarily messy rollout. It seemed like they were really pushing it for it to make a splash at the Latin Grammys, and in that sense I guess it did its job.

  7. We was like AHHHHH!
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  8. Is this her 6th Grammy or 7th?

    Best New Artist
    Latin Grammy - Mi Reflejo
    Pop Solo - Beautiful
    Pop Solo - Ain't No Other Man
    Pop Duo - Say Something
    Latin Grammy - Aguilera

    Am I missing one?

    Edit: Lady Marmalade!
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  9. I do think that Aguilera, both as a project and as a rollout had potential to be better.

    It's done well and as, almost a passion project for Christina, we can be satisfied. But having C. Tangana, Karol G and possibly a RosalĂ­a collaboration on the back burner, the nonsensical EP drops and the weird promotion has left me with a sense of "what if...".

    Either way, having Christina actively releasing music and enjoying the heck out of herself is amazing, though.
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  10. There are rumours going round that Christina will headline the Grls Festival in Sao Paulo next March (previously headlined by Little Mix)
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  11. She won her first Grammy in 2000 though. And although it was as a result of her debut in the 90s, it wasn't specifically for that music - as it was Best New Artist - nor was it won in the 90s. Hate to be a stickler but that just got my back up.
  12. While that is true, cause it was awarded to her in 2000, it was for the 1999 awards.


    Either way 3 decades, 4 decades, still impressive.
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  13. Nope.

    • Aguilera won her first career GRAMMY for Best New Artist at the 42nd GRAMMY Awards for 1999, the fourth of seven straight female winners in the category. Christina Aguilera performed a medley of "Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti" and "Falsas Esperanzas" from her 2000 Spanish-language album Mi Reflejo at the 43rd GRAMMY Awards in 2001.
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  14. The eligibility period always ends in September - so if she was awarded in February 2000, her performance for the year 1999 was the one that was reviewed. Hope that makes sense.
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