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Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Didn't the decade only ~officially start in 2001 anyway?
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  2. She looks marvelous
  3. Is it me and my lack of memory or did they move the physical CD release of Aguilera from January to June 2023? I’m browsing Amazon US and I could have sworn that it was January 2023 and now it’s June.
  4. It was originally December 2nd, then January 13th and now June 2, 2023.
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  5. Oh dear Lord. I can understand December to January but to move it to June 2023? I mean what is the point to release it then? All songs are already on streaming platforms for months now and some are longer.
  6. Maybe by June we'll have La Luz EP to tag onto the album? I still have hope.
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  7. Happy 42nd to my birth mother.

    Currently in Vietnam to perform at VinFuture Awards 2022.
  8. Not me thinking that first pic had her with white painted toe nails and then confused as to why the nail polish colour changed in the other pics...
  9. Me too ahahaha.
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  10. I appreciate that mom woke up one day about ten years ago and simply decided to stop ageing.
  11. Performed Beautiful, The Voice Within & A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman at the VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony in Hanoi.

    Vocals get a bit rough on The Voice Within bridge, but fairly standard. She looked amazing though.
  12. At this point she needs to just toss her cover of A Million Dreams onto streaming.
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  13. Hope next year we are going to get a new English album.
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  14. I love and appreciate the Aguilera era for what it is - even though it had potential to be even better, but Liberation felt like just the beginning of what felt like a fresh new soundscape for her to explore and I hope she continues down that road!
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  15. I hope she doesn't. That album did nothing for me. Left me feeling really cold. I'd say it's my least favourite album from her. I did really like the single with Demi but that was it.
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  16. Liberation is tricky to rank because it's a "mood" album but I'd say it's in her Top 3 with Bionic and Back to Basics for me.

    Masochist, Right Moves, Pipe, and Unless It's With You have never left rotation. Absolute career highs for me. Like I Do, Fall In Line, and Accelerate slap.

    I wish I liked Maria and Deserve more than I do, but they're cute girls. Sick of Sittin' and Twice aren't bad, just not memorable, though I know the latter has its fans.
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  17. Deserve is Xtina Top 5
  18. I assume the releases and any promo for the Spanish album are properly over. Which also means that "Lloras por Na'" will probably never be officially released - I finally decided to check it out and it's a nice little bop but nothing too special, so I won't really miss it.
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