Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

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Is it me and my lack of memory or did they move the physical CD release of Aguilera from January to June 2023? I’m browsing Amazon US and I could have sworn that it was January 2023 and now it’s June.
It was originally December 2nd, then January 13th, and now June 2, 2023.
Oh dear Lord. I can understand December to January but to move it to June 2023? I mean what is the point to release it then? All songs are already on streaming platforms for months now and some are longer.
Liberation is tricky to rank because it's a "mood" album but I'd say it's in her Top 3 with Bionic and Back to Basics for me.

Masochist, Right Moves, Pipe, and Unless It's With You have never left rotation. Absolute career highs for me. Like I Do, Fall In Line, and Accelerate slap.

I wish I liked Maria and Deserve more than I do, but they're cute girls. Sick of Sittin' and Twice aren't bad, just not memorable, though I know the latter has its fans.
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I assume the releases and any promo for the Spanish album are properly over. Which also means that "Lloras por Na'" will probably never be officially released - I finally decided to check it out and it's a nice little bop but nothing too special, so I won't really miss it.
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