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There must be so many products Christina could make money on, is lube really that lucrative? I get that most people use it, but still.

I listened to the podcast at the gym and as much as I appreciate her honesty, I can't help but think that Christina talking about her vagina, blowjobs, and how she loves to swallow, somewhat "cheapens" her brand, or am I totally wrong? Is it "empowering" of her to do so? This is not meant as criticism, I love her and I'm genuinely curious.
Not to sound mean and all but Christina‘s brand isn’t that huge anyway? Sure we love her and she can ride on a nostalgia wave anytime but does anyone outside of stans and gays and gay stans (I know I know it’s all the same) know she is actively working still!? Like her brand isn’t exactly huge. Although advertisements on German television keep telling me she had the most successful celebrity perfume line. So who knows.
I love the energy on that podcast interview.

The interviewer: h-
Christina: I love masturbating on planes, tampering with balls, and swallowing cum!

That doesn’t really sound passive aggressive. Seems she is just laying it out and on the table.
It didn’t really sound passive aggressive to me either. Earlier in the podcast she laments on her biggest regrets being falling for the tabloid pushing rivalries between her and other female artists. She specifically mentions interviewers feeding her negative interactions from her peers to bait her into making nasty comments, and she’s not happy she fell for them. I believe she’s referring to the back and forth with her & Mariah cause she mentions it’d happen with people she loves and looked up to.

So saying that at the end was very much just a line in the sand that she isn’t going to be baited into these rivalries anymore and just wants to be cordial with everyone. You can tell she’s grown a lot over the last 15 years in regards to this aspect of her career.
I cannot at this lube business of hers having more coverage than when she actually releases music. Get that coin.
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