Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

Honestly don’t know that hasn’t happened yet

Make a wish.

Aw, I have real affection for that debut album. A lot of those tracks still sound pretty current today. The production was top notch and hasn't really aged.
Even though Urban Outfitters have released a couple of her albums on vinyl, what if she does a Janet and announces a reissue campaign with coloured vinyl?
Take with a grain of salt:

We will be getting
Demos, remixes and acapellas
Merch and limited edition bundle
New vinyls (picture LP and classic black)
The price for the full bundle isn't too outrageous, but... what's exclusive? The shirt is beyond basic and the album seems to have a 20th anniversary sticker on it and it says that it will be digitally sent on the 23rd of August, but why the wait? Is there going to be something different on it?