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Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 2k6backtobasics2k6, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. What Tracks Are Rumoured To Be On The Album? I Know Off

    Aint No Other Man
    Still Dirrty
    Back To Basics

    I've Heard Clips Of Candyman And Back To Basics And The Full Aint No Other Man Any Other Tracks That Are Confirmed Or Rumoured To Be On Back To Basics??
  2. her song "here to stay" from her pepsi commercials is AMAZING. and will be on the album.
  3. Other confirmed tracks:

    Understanding (produced by Kwame)
    Thank You (DJ Premier - the track that includes fans' voicemail messages and samples Genie In A Bottle)
    Nasty Naughty Boy
    I Got Trouble
    Save Me From Myself

    I think the latter three songs are on the second disc, which consists entirely of Linda Perry's productions.
  4. Rob


    Is Still Dirrty a continuation of Dirrty? I think Ain't No Other is a pile of repetitive shit... The album is also set to be a double one.
  5. I liked Ain't No Other Man well enough when I first heard it, but now, I've realized that Xtina's voice really wears me out. I guess she's a great singer technically, but she sounds... forced, like she's torturing her vocal cords. I imagine that 2 discs of that will get really annoying.

    I don't recall really being irritated by her voice before this, so I hope it's something that's 'unique' to just ANOM.
  6. She has never looked this good on her videos.
  7. I really don't get what she's thinking.

    I mean, she looks great in the video (except for when she's listening to the headphones--does Halle Berry know she stole her X-Men wig?)...but as you said, it's nothing special.

    In fact, given that we all know she's doing this "blues throwback" thing, this video concept seems extremely predictable and boring.

    Good to see that she still disguises her lack of dancing ability with the old "drop my ass to the floor and spread my legs" move.

    What really frustrates me is the entire concept of this album...the intro song in this video (I'm guessing it's called "Trouble?") is FANTASTIC.  Christina really sounds like a classic blues singer, and she even reigns in her crazy oversinging shit to sound, well, classic.

    Had she wanted to record a legitimate blues/jazz album, she could have.  It probably would have won her a ton of Grammies and a LOT of respect.

    This "Ain't No Other Man" style, which is neither contemporary nor classic sounding enough, just disappoints.  I would rather have heard a real jazz album.

    I could be wrong, but I just don't see the record-buying public attaching to this the way she hopes they will...
  8. I do think overall it sounds fairly similar to her first album. But then, at least she's back to being as thin as she was in her first album. Hope she tries getting herself back in to the Come On Over white outfit again!
  9. It's called 'I Got Trouble' as I've been told by an avid Xtina fan from another forum. I think it must be the song (or one of...) which was recorded with an actual mic from that era, you can tell from the audio, and it's brilliant too I agree!
  10. I would have been more impressed with the video if she hadnt have done the same thing with nelly. The thing that made the stripped period so amazing was that with each video you never knew what style or concept you would get. I hope she mixes it up a liitle more for the rest of the album but am loving the track.
  11. Aguilera’s screams and shrieks: Are they really necessary? Yes love, we know you can sing.
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  12. Tim


    About as necessary as it is for Paris to release a single... or about as necessary as it was for Madonna to put her legs behind her head in the 'Hung Up' video...

    Sounds painful good, so, like these ladies should do it 'cos she can'
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  13. It gets annoying though.

    To be honest i dislike 'adlibs' in general. Especially Keisha ruining most Sugababes songs with her awful freestyling.

    Rihanna almost ruined SOS screaming over the end aswell.

  14. Steve

    Steve Guest

    No, they're not necessary. She needs to re-learn the restraint she displayed on most songs on her debut album!
  15. I HATE screaming-diva banshee singing.


    SHUT IT!

  16. Ain't No Other Man might actually have been brilliant if weren't for that
  17. And yet it seems to be exactly that warbling that makes the unwashed masses think that a singer is really talented.

    Seemingly oblivious to how much it spoils a song.
  18. Yes she has a wonderfully powerful voice, but enough already of the vocal aerobics - it seriously does ruin a song!

    But..... she isnt on her own - step forward Mariah and Beyonce, - they truly kill any decent song by recording their vocals 20 times and then overlapping them - wow these woman love the sound of their own voices.

    Let's start a petition now - end of the screaming banshees

    L xxxx
  19. I have the promo cd with the instumental on it and cut and pasted the screaming off, i felt quite pleased with myself.

    Sounds better now.
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