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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RhythmNative, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. As a Christina fan, I'm offended by this. Disappointed and offended.
  2. As a former fan, no enthusiasm left for her whatsoever and that's been the case for a couple of years.

    She's turned into such a disaster.
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  3. She has.

    All hope for her musically died long ago.

    Stripped is still such a triumph though.
  4. She could crap out another ten shit albums, and they wouldn't change how perfect Stripped and Back to Basics are. What a one-two punch.
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  5. As the Supreme of the Xtina fans on this forum, I overrule your comments. Praise your new queen.
  6. Xtine approves!

    Do you Xtina I guess.
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    Island Staff Member

  9. Exactly. Listen to this interview she did today firstly with the shade at Blake and Adam about the winners of the Voice not having successful careers and alluding to that's to do with Blake and Adam. She works on the show as a judge and wants to win like all of them. She has coached contestants and where are their careers? Has she ever brought them out to perform with her or done duets with them on their albums to help them gain an audience? She's working on a show that is exactly that -a "show" with a label that doesn't invest in the winners. She makes out she's something special when in reality she is reality show judge with a diminished fan base due to her arrogant attidude and lack of connection with her fans. At least American idoil and X factor have created huge careers for K Clarkson, Fantasia, Underwood and numerous others whether they won or not.
    She talks about being an artist, the creative process and not robotic? she hasn't been creative since 2006 Back to basics Bionic and Lotus had some of most uncreative, passionless, robotic songs I've ever heard. Her fans hated lotus and it didn't sell. She had other people write her stuff on Lotus and most of Bionic. She is a complete hypocrite. what happened to her? Stripped and Back to basics were great records. she was a great performer and singer during those eras. I've never seen a performer completely lose it.
    I was such a fan and saw her in concert twice during that time. She talks about her generic pop music like it's genius. She hasn't performed for her fans in 8 years and when she does tour she does private parties for billionaires and her singng at those concerts is shouty and she is very lazy. She called Bionic a masterpiece! Recently She forgot words and warbled unnecessarily through a song Beautiful for Hilary Clintons fundraiser. She sings 10 notes to everyone word when the song does not call for that. She has no musicality these says. How can a singer and person become such the opposite of what they once were 8 years ago?
  10. This. Her complete bullshit is actually entertainting!
  11. Exactly. Why is she recording generic pop music when she has a voice that could kill the game. There are enough weak ass popstars out there. Christina could put out quality music yet she chosses to recor4ding mraningless crap like Your body and not myself tonigh and she also barely promoted her last two albums. She said Lotus was her heart and soul when she didn't even write many of the tracks. she's just a vocalist, she's not creative
  12. this!
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  13. Limit reached. I don't even care anymore, which is sad since it was 10 years of stanning. Do whatever makes you happy Xtine, I'm done hoping with ya.
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  15. @Tiny She cowrote almost all of the songs on Bionic and Lotus. And she did duet with one of her Voice contestants on his album. His name is Chris Mann. If you wanna drag her fine, but know what you're talking about.
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  16. Who in the hell has this much time to waste on somebody they're supposedly done with?

    Go live your life!
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  17. I'll gladly keep Back to Basics near and dear to me, a few tracks from Stripped as well as the Sia ballads over the last two albums and run.
  18. "Respecting the creative process" made me laugh.
  19. BML


    Tell us how you really feel @Tiny!
  20. Could you imagine joining a forum for the sole purpose of being that pressed?
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