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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RainOnFire, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Not everyone came out disappointed though because lots of us love the album and even Christina herself has spoken fondly of it
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  2. That's really not why people keep bringing up Bionic...
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  3. No, to everything you wrote.
    She was not late, she was ahead of the time.
    Everyone was not disappointed, just her detractors and Lady Gaga' stans.
    Christina was not disappointed, she was proud and she still is of the record. She was just not happy with the final tracklist.
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  4. There are so many things I disagree with here...
    First of all, I don't see Bionic as "Christina going after trends"... She wasn't releasing anything world-bending, granted, but I believe she was making music with "obscure British synth-pop bands" out of pure enjoyment. 2008~2010 was a funny phase for pop music and Lady Gaga wasn't the only thing on the charts.
    Secondly, even though Bionic hasn't aged really well, I can point out some 5 or 6 tracks that would murder anything on the charts nowadays, quality-wise. Bionic is not the album full of generic, bland electropop bops. That's Lotus.
    And finally, is anyone here disappointed with anything about Bionic except for it not being recognized as one of the most important milestones in pop music on the last decade?
  5. My Bionic is as follows:

    1. Not Myself Tonight
    2. Vanity
    3. Woohoo (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    4. Desnudate
    5. Elastic Love
    6. Sex for Breakfast
    7. My Girls (feat. Peaches)
    8. Birds of Prey
    9. You Lost Me

    A tight and concise listen! I cut Bionic and Glam because I just can't get past the lyricism--they're both so obvious and uninspired imo. Elastic Love is lyrically sort of dumb and funny but it works within the other elements of the song; the chorus is actually a sexy moment. I want to like Glam because there's so much potential but it falls flat for me. Bionic feels like she heard Santigold's first album once and was like, I want That!

    I enjoy Lift Me Up and I think it's beautiful but it doesn't really work with my tracklist, lyrically or musically. I used to have Monday Morning right before My Girls but I decided it sounds too much like a No Doubt/Gwen Stefani B-side (and she sounds sort of anonymous on it? I dunno). Anyways, Christina has really always needed an editor for her albums and I think if this one was trimmed a bit, maybe the public would've felt a little differently about it. Who really knows tho.
  6. Oh are we doing our Bionic playlists again?

  7. I honestly don't think I ever made it through the entire duration of Bionic.

    It wasn't a length factor either as I can easily listen to Stripped from start to end no problem.
  8. I still use Bobblehead and Woohoo to this day. Anthems ahead of their time.
  9. We should just rename this the Bionic thread.
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    1. Bionic
    2. Woohoo ft Nicki Minaj
    3. Not Myself Tonight
    4. Prima Donna
    5. I Am..
    6. You Lost Me
    7. Sex for Breakfast
    8. Desnúdate
    9. Monday Morning
    10. Bobblehead
    11. Birds of Prey
    12. I am (stripped)
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  11. This reminded me of when the tracklist leaked and people here were assuming the title was misspelled German ddddd.
  12. My ideal Bionic tracklist:

    1. WooHoo
    2. Bionic
    3. Elastic Love
    4. Monday Morning
    5. Desnudate
    6. Glam
    7. Birds of Pray
    8. You Lost Me (Radio Mix)
    9. I Am
    10. Lift Me Up (Stripped Down Version)

    11. Not Myself Tonight
    12. Vanity

    I Hate Boys and My Girls are among her weakest ever recorded and never should have made the album. Cutting them and a few of the slower moments like Sex For Breakfast and All I Need give the album a more coherent, concise message. No real need for Prima Donna either. Monday Morning and Birds of Pray however were so essential to the album's sound and vision -- whoever relegated them to bonus tracks missed the whole point of the project.

    And as much as I love the trashtastic Not Myself Tonight, in no way shape of form should it have ever have gotten lead single status. WooHoo was the ideal launch.
  13. Nothing on Bionic sounded like a lead single. The closest were the title track and Not Myself Tonight. WooHoo was certainly the most obvious single and had the most undeniable hit potential (truly though, I will never understand abandoning it for You Lost Me), but it didn't sound like a lead. The only songs on Bionic I'd probably cut are Sex for Breakfast and I Hate Boys. There's nothing one could do to make it a cohesive record. It a big fun mess no matter how you try and slice it.

    Also can we please stop with the myth of "she wasn't happy with the final tracklist" and "RCA screwed it up" etc etc? Its not true. She's never said she was unhappy with it. She clearly loves Not Myself Tonight. Songs that fans hate like Vanity and My Girls were always going to be on the album. It was never going to be how she advertised it.
  14. I wanna talk about Back to Basics. Her most successful blend of image and music.
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  15. I can't cope with people posting their tracklists like 5 pages into a leak. When the apocalypse happens all that will be left is Xtina fans on this forum rearranging the Bionic tracklisting
  16. Stripped is the only one of her albums I can listen to throughout and fully enjoy, and even then I have to have an intermission because her voice is so relentless.
  17. If anything, Bionic just need some tracks re-shuffled not removed.
  18. Are we still doing our ideal Bionic tracklists?

    1. Bionic
    2. Woohoo
    3. Elastic Love
    4. Bobblehead
    5. Monday Morning
    6. All I Need
    7. I Am
    8. You Lost Me
    9. Stronger Than Ever
    10. Birds Of Prey

    The perfect ten track album, in my opinion.
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