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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RainOnFire, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I can't cope with people posting their tracklists like 5 pages into a leak. When the apocalypse happens all that will be left is Xtina fans on this forum rearranging the Bionic tracklisting
  2. Stripped is the only one of her albums I can listen to throughout and fully enjoy, and even then I have to have an intermission because her voice is so relentless.
  3. If anything, Bionic just need some tracks re-shuffled not removed.
  4. Are we still doing our ideal Bionic tracklists?

    1. Bionic
    2. Woohoo
    3. Elastic Love
    4. Bobblehead
    5. Monday Morning
    6. All I Need
    7. I Am
    8. You Lost Me
    9. Stronger Than Ever
    10. Birds Of Prey

    The perfect ten track album, in my opinion.
  5. J89


    This is my Bionic:

    01. Bionic
    02. Birds Of Prey
    03. You Lost Me
    04. Monday Morning
    05. Woohoo
    06. Desnudate
    07. Not Myself Tonight
    08. Vanity
    09. Prima Donna
    10. Lift Me Up
    11. Little Dreamer
    12. I Am
  6. I always wondered whether she made up with Kelly Osbourne? She said some vile things against Christina.
  7. She just delivered a classic on this very Friday. My freckle Queen.
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  8. I was never really a MASSIVE Christina girl outside of the singles.

    I listened to Stripped awhile back and I’m regualrly using it now. This may be controversial but Walk Away is my favourite Christina ballad (maybeeee tied with Hurt but currently it’s my clear fave). Also, the way it transitions into Fighter...wig.

    I’m really looking forward to this new album.
  9. Morning Dessert and Sex for Breakfast are absolutely essential to any Bionic re-working. Shame on y'all.
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  10. Oh! Gold pop culture days when Kelly and Christina hated each other, the P!nk's hate for Christina was everything too...
    Mary J Blige didn't was very nice while taking about Christina, those were nice times... All these girls hating on her while she was on top of the world with Stripped. An icon
  11. I had a listen to Lotus earlier for the first time since 2013. I remember not being a fan of it even then, but listening to it now, it's straight up awful. It does nothing it tries to do especially well. The upbeat bangers are basic bops at best and limp and undercooked at worst, the ballads are all forgettable and clogged with well-worn tropes and metaphors, and Circles and Shut Up (which are basically the same song) are overblown and trying too hard to be quirky. Lotus Intro is decent, okay, but it's nothing I'd listen to outside the album.

    And the mastering is atrocious across the board. Even the salvageable songs on the album are a difficult listen on their own because of how bad they sound.
  12. The only songs from Lotus that I use are ‘Your Body’, ‘Let There Be Love’, and ‘Red Hot Kinda Love’. Everything else is trash (including ‘Just a Fool’ and ‘Blank Page’, both of which people seem to love but are mediocre compared to her other ballads). The album’s saving grace is Christina’s voice, in that it can elevate even the worst material.
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  13. I also like Make the World Move, Shut Up and a few others. Basic bops indeed but they still get me dancing in the kitchen if they come on.
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  14. I think Lotus had potential songs but let down by bad production done to the songs.
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  15. The problem with Lotus is that it wasn’t inspired at all. Christina wasn’t into it.

    And that potato quality production haunts me still.
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  16. Instead if a Bionic tracklisting, here's my Lotus one;


    01. Lotus Intro
    02. Make the World Move
    03. Your Body
    04. Blank Page
    05. Let There Be Love
    06. Cease Fire
    07. Sing for Me
    08. Shut Up
    09. Red Hot Kinda Love
    10. Circles
    11. Just a Fool (with Blake Shelton)
    12. Light Up the Sky

    *sorry but I detest her screeching on Army of Me (I much prefer Anastacia's version....)
  17. I made a playlist with every song Christina ever released and that was on Spotify and it's a great day so far.
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  18. Link?
  19. Stripped is an incredible body of work and it stuns me how slept on it is in terms of stan culture. Walk Away being the second full track almost always stops me in the my track, but it's so so good and works brilliantly after Can't Hold Us Down before sliding right into Fighter. That album looks like it's sequenced strangely but it works.
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  20. Stripped is a prime example of perfect sequencing and cohesion. There's no other order the album could have been in.
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