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Christina Aguilera - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RainOnFire, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Always welcome to tell me if something is missing, it's not really sorted but for shuffle pleasures anyways and I stayed away from Just Be Free. Just decided to add the Spanish and christmas ones too though. Couldn't find the Nashville ones.

    EDIT: Seems like Christmas is also not available here.
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  2. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I rarely heard better transitions from one song to the other.

    That album is a beast and yes it should be celebrated waaay more.
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  3. I really like that album cover.
  4. I hate "Make the World Move." Like, a lot. Doesn't help it has Cee Lo Green on it.
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  5. Wait at Lotus (Intro) actually being an okay sounding song. I thought people just quoted it because it was messy fag bait worth a kiki.

    Songbird rise indeed sis!
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  6. It's certainly both, and I love it for it.
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  7. I love how no matter what happens in Xtina's career, we always go back to posts like these.

    ps: this is actually a really good bionic tracklist
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  8. I strongly believe they should've cut down at least 2 minutes from that song.
    It's just way too long to be an intro.
  9. Lotus (Intro) is one of the best things about the album.
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  10. I still listen to it!
  11. Lotus Intro is incred.

    Imagine if the album didn't sound like one big YouTube rip and we could enjoy the production on it more.
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  12. I love the smoothness of Loving Me 4 Me.
  13. Lotus would have been fine if it weren’t for her screaming through it.
  14. God, the Loves Embrace Interlude flowing into that song is a magical moment.
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  15. One of my favourite Xtina songs. It's like reclining in velvet.
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  16. Jesus Christ Bionic is a fucking tour de force.
  17. Speaking of tracklistings, here's my rejiggered Lotus tracklisting.

    1. Lotus Intro
    2. Red Hot Kinda Love
    3. Your Body

    So much better.
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  18. I've finally finished listening to Christina Aguilera's full discography last week, when "Twice" was released, and it's been a really pleasant 'course'.
    So, I'll divide this into a few posts, because nobody likes kilometer long posts.

    Starting with "Just Be Free", where Christina was just startimg to find herself vocally and musically, which is unpolished and not interesting at all, but was never meant to be released in the first place. The songs are mostly similar, however I kind of like "Just Be Free" and "Running out of Time".

    Then, her real self-titled debut was released in 1999, where she almost didn't have any control of the record. That's where the famous "Genie in a Bottle" was born and Christina became a real star. It still remains one of the best songs from her, and is the best song on the album.
    That's why I was a bit disappointed in her debut, I expected more of that sound, but the uninteresting R&B ballads and dated production (for that time) weren't keeping my attention too much.
    That being said, "So Emotional" and "When You Put Your Hands On Me" is the only song that can be put next to "Genie in a Bottle", I don't get how they weren't singles. Also, there are a lot of fillers, including some of the singles, songs like "Blessed" or "Somebody's Somebody" are nothing more than fillers to me (although they have some good moments).
    There are no bad songs, just some boring and uninspired tracks.
    And "Dreamy Eyes", a promo track from the same period, is beautiful and better than any ballad on the album, so weird it didn't end up on the tracklist.

    The Spanish and Christmas albums are next, and are clearly improvements from her debut.
    There is variety and some great new songs appeared like catchy "Falsas Esperanzas" and my favorite "El Beso del Final", a beautiful ballad that really suits her voice.
    Also, there is "Contigo En La Distancia", a vocal highlight of her early days. Amazing control and power is shown there.

    In the Christmas album, I really like the two new songs, especially "Christmas Time".
    However, the covers didn't impress me as much.
    But there comes "Stripped" to change it all.

    To be continued...
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  19. Thinking that What A Girl Wants and Come On Over (All I Want Is You) are uninteresting filler is sacrilege.
  20. I Turn To You is essential on Christina's catalog too
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