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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RainOnFire, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. This is ok. It suits the film, but I don't see it being anything I'd listen to regularly. She sounds great though and I love the growl in her voice at points.
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  2. Yeah, it does what it intends to but I don't really need to listen to it ever again ddd
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  3. wow
  4. it's a great song wow so classic-sounding
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  5. NOT Rock Mafia asl;kdfjas'j'
  6. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I did not think I'd ever see the name 'Rock Mafia' outside of 2010 nn but here we are
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  7. Rock Mafia were also included on the first single from the Addams Family soundtrack with Migos & Snoop Dogg, looks like they may have some involvement in the whole soundtrack.
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  8. That roster...
  9. #justiceforBionic fashion edition.

  11. Sitting pretty with the rest of the Telepathy video.
  12. Rock Mafia still did half of the Revival album so...

  13. I absolutely adore it.
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  14. Another addition to my Halloween playlist.
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  15. I love Rock Mafia dddd.
    Really enjoy the song. Her vocals are so fucking good.
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  16. There's definitely a good song there. I reckon if it wasn't for a Halloween movie, this could have been a nice rocky tune, a la Make Me Over.
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  17. Oh, I love "Haunted Heart", the melody is quite amazing.
    It reminds me of something that would appear of "Back to Basics" Disc 2, from that vocal effect to the eerie vibe of the song.
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  18. Haunted Heart is...really not it. The mixing is so horrid and jarring.
  19. This has the makings of a really cute Eartha Kitt-style vocal novelty, but the vocal production is appalling. The underlying performance is great, though.
  20. Just me that loves Haunted Heart and would like to hear an entire album in that vein in the style of Back to Basics pt2?
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