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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RainOnFire, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. This is so sweet, she really is an amazing mom.
  2. That is the sweetest thing ever. Experiencing life all over again through the eyes of your child must be such a blessing.
  3. Nunca he visto algo mas lindo.

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  4. Collab, Queens.
  5. In case y'all were still waiting for this video... It's coming tomorrow:


  6. It's been reuploaded.
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  7. So there's an IMDB rumour that Xtina has been cast as Charlotte Pickles in a live action remake of Rugrats coming in 2021... And honestly, that's perfect casting if you ask me.
  8. Kelly Rowland is apparently in it too. Iconic.
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  9. A live action remake sounds terrifying
  10. Wasn't the film supposedly "pulled" by the studio?
  11. Happy 10th anniversary, Not Myself Tonight!


  12. Still that bop. In retrospect the era suffered because everyone's eyes were on Gaga, Katy and Rihanna but this remains solid project. Not maybe, it definitely was ahead of its time.
  13. Preach! God I can't believe a decade's passed since Not Myself Tonight. The entire Bionic era was the first I lived through and through as a Christina stan. Wild.

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  14. I remember being in Berlin that week for a bunch of concerts and everyone was like ''s good, but'. There was no need for buts.
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  15. "Sabotaged by RCA to record more mainstream music over the intended indie sound ". Can my fellow Xtina fans stop peddling this falsehood?
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  16. I guess we'll never know the absolute truth of what went down there though. The gif was cute!
  17. We do know the truth. She recorded 3 Polow Da Don songs for the label after shooting Burlesque - WooHoo, Not Myself Tonight, and I Hate Boys. The rest is the album she always intended to release. Glam, Desnudate, Prima Donna, My Girls, Vanity - they were always part of the album. She even wanted Glam to be the lead single before she recorded Not Myself Tonight. The album still has all the "alternative" collabs on it - Santigold, MIA, Sia, Peaches, Le Tigre - they all still made the album. It was always going to be a mixed bag.
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