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Christina Aguilera - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RhythmNative, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Damn 10 years... where has the time gone.
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  2. Oh absolutely not. Lift Me Up in its piano form would have been an 11 contender in her discography rate for me; that performance made me check all of Christina's discography to that point and here we are 10 years later, anyway it is overproduced and almost cheesy sounding in its final form.
  3. I know it almost means little nowadays, but it’s currently #3 on US iTunes. So close.
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  4. There's at least one half of a remix album already sitting in a hard drive. That would be a nice bonus.
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  5. I'm with y'all here. And the most frustrating part was that Christina Aguilera had the concept of recording a "stripped" version of one of her ballads and did a stripped version of "I Am" instead of "Lift Me Up," despite "I Am" being fairly stripped back in its original form anyway.
  6. The studio version of Lift Me Up is nearly unlistenable to me. Its clearly from the earliest incarnation of the album because it has the spacey, tinny, cheap production from Linda that You Are What You Are has. Once she did the ballads with Sia there was no reason to leave Lift Me Up the way it was. It could have been the albums big ballad single if it had just been produced with traditional pop ballad production.
  7. This really is a good album.
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  8. "Bionic", no matter how incoherent it may be, is a great album.

    And am I the only one who loves both versions of "Lift Me Up" equally?
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  9. There’s literally nothing wrong with the studio version of Lift Me Up. The dramatics.
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  10. Stronger Than Ever is one of my favorites.
  11. Gurl why did you mention that! I can't not see it now haha.
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  12. Little Dreamer is so cute. I've always had a soft spot for it. I'm so glad it's finally up on streaming services.
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  13. If I've had to see it for a decade, y'all have to see it.
  14. Bionic was the first Xtina album I ever listened in full and I always loved a lot of it. I find it to be a really great record after all. The flirt with electronic music but overral simple production is just top notch. Happy Birthday!
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  15. I agree that Lift Me Up with different production would've made a brilliant single. It's a really big song - could've been an instant classic for her. The album version isn't necessarily bad, but there's definitely something jarring about it, especially when you compare it to the songs she worked on with Sia, which have such an effortless and cool, minimalistic production style.
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  16. Lift Me Up is still amazing even if a little overproduced. I do wish she released a Stripped version of that instead of I Am as y’all mentioned... it’s not to late to release that right now, X!
  17. Isn't it quite shocking how scarce Christina Aguilera leaked songs are?
  18. Can't leak a song if there are no songs to leak!

  19. Release 'Kimono Girls', queen.
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