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Christina Aguilera - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by I BUM HARRY JUDD., Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Same shit about her having the time of her life experimenting with these fun artists she had always admired and taking a new approach on her voice: raw, organic, blablabla.
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  2. I don't even think she answered most of the questions. She just went off on a tangent and I fucking live. Love my queen.
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  3. I also loved the question about what "the inspiration behind Monday Morning" was. Like, seriously?
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  4. The concept for Monday Morning is basically about, you know, a Monday morning.
  5. The fact that Legend X lives in her own fantasy land and has an in-built translator to convert any question into her own lexicon of buzzwords is one of the many reasons stanning is not optional but mandatory.
  6. No lies detected. In fact, it inspired me to transcribe the Instagram Q&A just to preserve the quotable majesty of Christina's responses. This interview is absolute peak Legendtina.

    Talk about the artwork for the album.
    Artwork by DFace! Epic, timeless. Beyond creative in its intricacy for the concept I was setting out to accomplish. Such clean and perfected illustrations. He GOT it! It was bold, fearless, beautiful, unique and innovative. No one else could have interpreted it like that. A perfect complement to the photography by Alix Malka! I was in awe of them and grateful for what they brought to the work created.

    What song was the hardest to record?
    It was such an experimental album for me... exploring different ways to use my voice and working with people I was a big fan of. It wasn't a hard album to record, not vocally strenuous. I had fun with all the collaborations and purposely set out to try different things and not aim for ideal vocal 'perfection', but more for the mood and spirit of the moment and being moved by the music. I wanted to think 'out of the box', and not confine myself in the typical stereotype of pop music.

    What was the inspiration behind 'Monday Morning'?
    'Monday Morning' is a song about living in the moment and not caring about consequences of what tomorrow may bring. Life's too short to plan every detail of everything, and be overrun by schedules and others' demands. So this was about being able to put a pause on stress and let go for a moment of carefree fun.

    How was working with Santigold on 'Monday Morning'?
    Santigold was the perfect spirit that helped inspire the concept of 'Monday Morning', complementing the breezy yet energetic track. It kind of had a throwback, block party feel. I loved including the part of the school kids singing 'na-née, na keenna nana' towards the end as a playful addition to the song.

    What does the album represent for you then vs now?
    Every collaboration represented a different energy and side of myself. I don't think we are just one thing or should be labeled as such. I try to illustrate that with every album I put out. Unabashedly and unapologetically. I've always lived to be inspired. And collaborate with true artists.

    Can you tell us about the process of creating 'Elastic Love'? Did you and M.I.A. get in the studio together?
    I was inspired by the rebellious and outspoken nature of M.I.A. She created a unique sound and came with interesting yet catchy writing. 'Elastic Love' is a very well written tongue in cheek song. The play on words is so good. M.I.A. brought those elements to an already refreshingly energetic ahead of its time track. And it was fun exploring different textures in my voice and interpreting a new sound.

    How was working with Peaches?
    I had been incredibly inspired by Peaches and her raw, matter of fact and blunt way of expressing sexuality with drum and bass. I must have listened to her albums a zillion times during the making of 'Stripped'. She was refreshing and bold. Having her guest on the record 'My Girls' was a full circle moment for me. And to do it with Le Tigre, an all female band, brought out a new relaxed, laidback vibe to my approach that was fun to play with.

    How was working with Ladytron?
    Ladytron and I did such unique pieces together. They brought in an entirely new sound and one that challenged me in new ways. The lyrics were so meaningful... noting 'Little Dreamer' and 'Birds Of Prey' in particular.

    'Birds Of Prey' is a masterpiece. Can you talk about that song?
    I love the underlying dark undertones in 'Birds Of Prey'. Touching on the underbelly of the business... the vultures, users and feeders. The whole mood and vibe - still one of my all time faves.

    What is your favourite songs from the album 'Bionic'?
    'I Am' is one of my ultimate favourite songs on the album. Such a stripped down and open way of breaking down who we are as humans and being unabashedly willing to put it all out there on the table - although scary - and ask for nothing but the truth and unconditional love back in return. We all deserve that. If someone else can't give that to you, you must be brave enough to give it to yourself. No one should have the power over you to settle for anything less. It takes courage to face yourself, and love all your many pieces - especially the broken ones, that make you uniquely who you are.

    Where did you get the inspiration for 'Bionic'?
    I was so inspired by electronica musica at the time, so bringing all of these artists together in one place was a dream for me. Coming from all walks of life with different perspectives and approach for creating music. I absorbed and embodied it all. An amazing experience.

    How do you feel about this record 10 years after its release?
    Not all were going to 'get it'. The cover and making bold choices. And I knew that. Being brave enough to try new things and challenge people's ideals and perceptions of who you are is a risk I'm willing to take. Sometimes things take time to be fully appreciated, and that's okay. I've never set out to be an obvious and easy short term win. I'm in it for the long haul. I challenge myself and aspire to inspire throughout my body of work - after I'm long gone. The body of work speaks for itself and the quality prevails.

    Can you speak about the original concept of light and darkness?
    Light and darkness is a constant in my life. I embrace both. Can't have one without the other. The tug and pull between the different elements of myself and the strive for balance and peace with it all is not easy. I've gone to really dark places, but refuse to succumb tot he depths of how harmful those moments can be and let them win and define me. This time on earth is not to be taken lightly. I am thankful for both the struggles and triumphs I've experienced. I wear them like badges of honour and I'm determined to make the most of my time here. Nothing is forever and learning how to sway with change is a work of art within itself.

    How was making a duet with Nicki Minaj?
    Nicki Minaj - goes without saying. Powerhouse, don't give a fuck energy. I was a huge fan of her early work, and continue to be. Having her on 'Woohoo' was icing on the cake!

    Your songs with Sia were so fab - raw and honest. How was writing with her?
    Bringing Sia to the table was exciting, as I had been a huge fan of her work with Zero 7 and listened to those albums a lot back then. All mood based songs that allow you to escape to a different place. The way Sia approached vocals, I knew was special and rare - invoking such raw and vulnerable textures and feeling. The writing was haunting, honest and beautiful. Delicate and raw. She wasn't about classic 'over singing' or fitting into a box. She was really great in encouraging me to simply 'be myself' on a record. Not try to be anything else. She was immediately relatable, totally inspiring... a true artist... and kept me laughing - she was hilarious! It was totally refreshing - not being so uptight, rigid and serious in the studio.

    Which 'Bionic' song is your favourite to perform?
    'Bionic'. I use it often as a show opener. I love how aggressive and urgent it is right out the gate. The lyrics depict who I am and exude confidence and a feeling of empowerment. Switch and John Hill were so masterful in creating this unique and experimental piece of work. I was a huge fan of their early work with Major Lazer and found what they brought to the album was fresh, innovative and exhilarating! Switch later went on to help me create music for my Vegas show 'Xperience'. He's so talented.

    How would you compare 'Stripped' to 'Bionic'?
    They fit different times in my life... 'Stripped' was my coming of age album... coming out of my shell... saying no to the common standards in pop music... being okay to take on controversy and those who may not understand me. I had to be me regardless. Me for the first time. Owning my truth and telling my stories. I am proud of what I was able to do with that album, in having the courage to put myself out there. I faced a lot of backlash as I was challenging ideas of what many thought a woman, a pop star or 'role model' should act like, sound like, dress like and look like. I was having none of it. I faced it head on and welcomed the conversations. It warms my heart to hear many pop stars of generations after me tell me how much that record meant to them. Inspiring new voices and progressive ideas is everything to me and makes the journey worthwhile. 'Bionic' in comparison explores new territory of a woman who has proven herself and her right to proceed in whatever direction she chooses. Reflecting a new woman. A mother. A creator - unafraid to explore new ground and share the platform with amazing talent and fresh ideas.

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  7. It's interesting that she mentions Sia not being into 'oversinging'. I think Christina's vocals on Bionic are fabulous, even if they're not "technically" as impressive as Stripped.
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  8. Thinking about the cancelled 2004 tour

    Do you know if there's more content besides this floating around? @BEST FICTION
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  9. The Lady Marmalade video has been remastered, maybe the rest will follow soon? I would love to have her videography in HD

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  10. Why is Mel C credited as a producer of Dirrty on the Wiki page?
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  11. If you ain’t sporty...
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  12. I've noticed a few pop artist's wiki pages are currently "temporarily locked due to vandalism" - there must be a lot of it about right now.
  13. I found the edit of the person who did it and it's the only edit they ever made.......... Why?
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  14. Which Irish PJers use Sky Broadband hmmm?
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  15. They probably confused it with Mel C’s contribution to ‘Gimme More’.
  16. Mulan is heading to Disney+ on September 4th, so we should be getting Reflection fairly soon.
  17. At first I was confused at your post and then I remembered...
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  18. I really think Liberation would've been a bigger moment had she pushed songs like Like I Do and Pipe more. Like I Do, in particular with its dip into city pop, is the track she thought she was making when she created Bionic. She needs to work with Anderson Paak again.

    I know Fall In Line and Twice are more on brand for her, but it kind of highlights big vocals, which stops a lot of people from buying into or giving an Xtina record a chance. Sometimes, the criticism is warranted, but this album shows a lot more facets of her voice and more interesting, experimental soundscapes than those tracks showcase.
  19. Like I do, Deserve, Twice and Right Moves would be my dream Liberation singles run. How Like I do and Deserve never got pushed or got music videos is one of the many Christina career mysteries.
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  20. ‘Accelerate’
    ‘Fall In Line’
    ‘Unless It’s With You’
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